Why we are with Mahan!


Akshay’s message to all the people in Mahan regarding the IB report:

Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and Greenpeace, with all of you together, have been fighting to ensure  the community forest rights of people dependent on Mahan forest. A few days ago, a govt agency charged Greenpeace with wrong allegations. We are never against development, nor do we take money from foreign countries. Yes, we talk about development with renewable energies, we are funded by Indian supporters. We make the villagers aware of their own rights over the forest. We do talk about a development that is for everyone. Development is not just for the big companies. It should empower everyone with all of their constitutional rights. In the same manner, we demand implementation of the rights of all the people living in Mahan. To undo the forgery of signatures in Gramsabha by govt officials, we demand a fresh Gramsabha conducted in constitutional manner. We demand that you should be given the right to choose what you want! Our rights can’t be killed with the excuse of development in the favor of a company or the country. The allegation they gave on us is we get money from foreign countries to halt development in India. We refute this allegation. To save your forest and to give a safe future to generations to come, more than 3 lakh Indians supports Greenpeace financially. These are the people who are always standing with you in your fight to save Mahan forest. Greenpeace campaigns in many countries and every country it is funded by the very country’s own citizens. We never accept any money from any govt or political party. You must be wondering how our govt agency’s allegations are this unfounded – I would reassure you that, these allegations are signs that our strength of the struggle in our villages have now reached every corner of the county. This is sign that the people who want to snatch our forest are afraid of us now. So they are doing these to suppress our voices. This is the time we need to chant so loud that everyone who wants to snatch our rights and our forest from us, can hear it! – “Jangal hamare aapka, nahin kisike baap ka! Abhi toh ye angraai hain, aage aur ladhai hain”

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