Who will the District Magistrate support? People or the Company?


Virendra Singh reporting (Vil.Amelia, Dst. Singrauli, MP): Dated 12 Sept 2013, District Magistrate (M. Selvendran) called for a village meeting in Amelia (near Ujraj Khairwar’s house). Villagers in big number turned up at the meeting. Other Govt officials present were, Sub-Inspector (Bandhora police post) with his police team and the Tehsildar. District Magistrate distributed patta (land registration) to few villagers. D.M indirectly praised company and explained the company policy on employment. He said that an OBC with  50 dhismil land and a SC with 25 dhismil land, would be eligible for job in exchange of their lands. But, he didn’t for once, mentioned the Forest Rights Act – 2006 to the people.
Worried people asked for more time to discuss this serious issue. But the D.M refused to give any more time and said for next meeting, villagers would be informed 15 days in advance. He also told the public that Government hadn’t yet given the forest to Mahaan Coal Ltd. Mahaan Coal Ltd even didn’t know in which areas the company would be eligible for coal mining.
Virendra is worried about the wild animal habitat and says that government should keep in mind the rehabilitation of these wild animals.

For more details on the meeting and the present situation, call: Virendra at 08120487266

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