What pleasure the DFO gets making people walk 10 km to get their money home!


HARIDAYAL SINGH GOND – President of Vanadhikar Samiti (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, and Dist. Singrauli)
“As the president of Van Adhikar Samiti, I’m reporting that the payment of Amelia’s Tendu collection is being distributed five km away from the village, in Chaura forest post. Villagers are facing difficulties to travel up down this far a place. I demand that this irregular practice stops now and rather the officials come down to Amelia to pay the villagers here. The Officers involved in this are DFO – S.K. Singh, Munshi – Yogendra, Forest Ranger, Beat Guard- Jaiswal.”

Call DFO – S.K Singh – 9424793525 and ask him to stop making the villagers walk 10 kilometers for getting their money back home, whereas the forest officers can easily come to the village.
Call Haridayal to know more about this – 8085518380

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