Waidhan Police Station isn’t taking FIR


Naredra Dubey calling from Bilaunji, Waidhan,Singrauli. He and Manoj (both from Mahan Sangharsh Samiti) were going somewhere on a bicycle. Near NCL ground they crashed against a motorbike. The drunk biker, Ramsagar Shah, also abused and beat  two of them. Narendra was seriously injured in this accident and got admitted for the night at NTPC hospital Vindhynagar, where R.P. Tiwari from Vindynagar Police Station took his statement. In the morning Narendra got released from the hospital and went to Waidhan Police Station for filling FIR but police refused to write FIR and said they can proceed only when they would receive the statement from VindhyaNagar p.s. The next day, Ramsagar (the biker) came to where Narendra lives and asked for money, threatened him when he didn’t get the same. Narendra says its his right to file an FIR and police must cooperate. He demands an action from the S.P.

Call Narendra for more details @ +91 7771008963

Call the S.P – D. Chakravarty and demand an action @ +91 9479998880

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  1. Phiroza Tafti says:

    Narendra keep up the fight…fight for your right. We are there to support you.

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