Van Satyagrahi – Bechanlal received bail from HC!


Bechanlal Shah, the Van Satyagrahi in jail, got bail order (from Jabalpur High Court) yesterday after 3 weeks of his arrest. Bechanlal’s bail was not granted before. Yesterday, as the news of his bail broke, there were happiness, cheer and slogans in the local villages. MSS member Jagnarayan Shah said, “Bechanlal’s sacrifice brings new energy to our fight to save Mahan. This is how good wins over evil after all. This Van Satyagraha would continue till the 2nd stage clearance to Mahan is revoked!”
On 8th May,  4 Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) members were arrested in the midnight for peaceful protests for saving Mahan forest. 3 activists were released after 40 hrs, but Bechanlal’s bail was pending till yesterday.

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