This Govt school teacher has a serious job – getting drunk around the corner & not teaching


Anita Kushwaha is complaining against the ways of the government teacher, Lalman Vaidh. Lalman is a drunkard, doesn’t come to school on time and doesn’t teach properly. He goes to villagers’ houses for drinking liquor, creates nuisance and rampage around. Villagers don’t want him in the school and in Budher. Anita said that since the company had entered the villages, the rate of corruption rose to the highest ever. Nowadays, the government officials are not even concerned about the villager’s problems. Because of this negligence from administration, the level of education goes down. She also asks whether nobody listens to the people of Budher because its a backward village. (Village Budher, Post – Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, District- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

Call Anita for more details on this @ 8718939145

Call the district magistrate M.Salvendran @ 9425821181 to demand Lalman’s removal from the school in Budher

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