The Hard Lives of Slum Children


I am Gaurav speaking from Surat. I’m a Gandhi fellowship. I work in schools these days. A small effort to help eradicate the bad condition of the students of government schools. I have seen how good the schools in Surat are but the condition of the children studying in the schools and also that of their parents is very bad. I mainly work in Marathi and Hindi schools. The children from Marathi and Hindi schools are mainly from slums. These children coming from slums experience relief in their lives in the 6-7 hours they spend in school. They spend the rest of their time working.
On returning from school, they join the people at home in working. Once they are tired of working they return to schools. Working in diamond factories, embroidery shops, doing small tasks, selling vegetables- this is their work. They stay in a 10×10 house with 7-8 other family members. The water comes to their place only for two hours with great difficulty between 10-12, and they have to do all work including storing water between these hours. If any day the water does not come for any reason, they have a very hard time. The children come late to school and if they reach they come absent minded. We can imagine how difficult their lives are.  Radio Sangharsh is a good initiative. Thank you!

You can know more details about the kids from Gaurav at 9015940489

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