The dismayed faces of Mahan!


Avinash Chanchal form Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is reporting the dismay of local people. The Tendu season has arrived and people are busy now collecting the tendu leaves. Every evening, these people, after collecting the tendu leaves, go to “Van Samities” and get their leaves counted. This season the people going to collect tendu, are sad and troubled as the Government has given their forest for coal mining. Mahan forest, which is the source of fresh air, water, firewood, medicines, Tendu, Chiraunji and Mahua, will be destroyed if the mining starts. It will also destroy the livelihood of the thousands of the people dependent on the forest.
Mr. Avinash is requesting the Government of India and the Madhya Pradesh administration to stop this from happening and save the lives.
More more details, call Avinash at 08359826363

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