‘Tarikh pe tarikh’ at Mada Police Station! Another 60 days of inaction


Hiramani Singh reporting again against Mada Police Station’s inaction. On 22nd February, he along with other villagers from Amelia filed a complaint against the gramsabha’s fraud on 1125 signatures for land,  at Mada Police Stations. The Police had told that they would take 10 days for inquiry. But now its been two months and there is no progress in this case. Hiramani says that the Police officials don’t care to do their job properly and do not have fear of consequences for such conscious negligence. He would go to any length, all the courts, to get the law take strong action against the perpetrators of the fraud. He will not leave his forest and land.

Hiramani urges the readers to build more pressure on the police to act. Call him to know more about the fraud @ +91 7581863470

Call the S.P – D. Chakravarty and demand an action @ +919479998880 , to help the victims of this conspired fraud save their lands and Mahan forest!


4 Responses to ‘Tarikh pe tarikh’ at Mada Police Station! Another 60 days of inaction

  1. Ankush says:

    This has to be stopped..

    • Anirban Chakrabarti says:

      @Ankush, yes this has to be stopped and this can be stopped only when concerned people like you take up the call to action to solve the problem reported. The more calls we make to the SP demanding an action (in this case), higher are the chances that the issue is addressed by him.
      Please stay tuned!

  2. arun sawant says:

    Dear sir.

    It fells great to know about your fight against the corrupt system for saving the forest land.we all as an family will be with you.If you need any help in terms of graphic design for awareness posters please let me know I can make it for you.
    My energy and support is always with your initiative. Any thing to save my mother nature.

    With warm regards.
    Arun sawant.
    Nomad Architect.

    • Anirban Chakrabarti says:

      Hi Arun! its great to see concerned citizens interested and passionate to bring positive changes to the society. We need you and more people like you to help Radio Sangharsh bring that change at Mahan region. Please mail me some more details about you (city, interest, willingness to volunteer etc.) so that we can contact you when we need (we need volunteers always :)
      My email – anirban.chakrabarti@greenpeace.org

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