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Help Ramlallu get water


Kripanath yadav (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):

“Mahan Sangharsh samiti has organized a monthly meeting in village Suhira near Rambharan’s Shop. Many villagers have gathered.
Here, I met Ramlallu Saket (village Suhira, tola Gudhritola, ward Number one,  post karsualal, dist- Singrauli, MP). He has been suffering from drinking water scarcity in his hamlet. There is no flowing water, hand pump and well near his home. He had filed complaints many times at Grampanchayat, but still there is nothing to help him. Ramlallu is requesting to Radio sangharsh’s listeners to act upon it and help him get water.”

Call Kripanath to contact Ramlallu or to know more about his water related problem 7581814450
Call Suhira’s Village Secretary Ram Bashor and ask for the status of Ramlallu’s complaint at Gram Panchayat 9617368190

Radio Sangharsh submits memorandum to District Magistrate


Radio Sangharsh is making its place among the people in Mahan region of Singrauli. Giving a voice to the struggles of the villagers. We, apart from giving a platform to rural problems, also strive to see those solved with the help of the listeners. Last Saturday (31st May’14), we have submitted a memorandum to the District Magistrate – M. Salvendran about (1) reports on water crisis and (2) bribery practices of the Patwaris in Amelia and Budher village. The DM told us that he would look into these matters and work to solve them. Radio Sangharsh team thanks all the people who report crucial problems and share their lives with us.

Call the authority to solve Amelia’s water crisis due to out of order handpumps


Four out of order handpumps are causing people in Amelia and neighboring areas suffer from water scarcity. In this scorching summer, its been one and a half months and no officer from the concerned authority has visited these places to repair the handpumps! Virendra mentions the handpumps near Deeh Baba, Matukklal Yadav’s residence and Budher Chanda among a few more out of order handpumps. Report by – Virendra Kr Singh from Amelia village (Post – Karsualal, Tehsil – Mada, District – Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)
You, who read this post, imagine not finding any water around and throat drying of thirst, in this summer. Now, please help the people of Amelia get water. Call the Water Resource Dpt. / Collector and ask him to repair the handpumps immediately! More calls going to them, makes them act faster. Access to clean water is a basic human right.

Collector – M. Salvendran -  +91 9425821181
District Coordinator/Executive Engineer – ShayamLal Dhurvey- 8989208570/07805281959
Water Resource Department – R. K Tiwari, executive – +91 9752539221
For more details, call Virendra – +91 8120487266


Coal mining and life’s woes in Muher


Santosh Kr. Jaiswal is reporting about people’s distress after displacement for coal mining in  Muher village. Villagers were supposed to get a compensation of 17 lakhs per acre, but what they actually got was just 3 lakh for the same! The rest of the money (14 Lakhs/acre) was vanished and no enquiry has been done for this ever. That’s just a part of the misery. Muher is in Singrauli dst. of Madhya Pradesh. .

The company committed places for displaced villagers to stay. It’s been 5 years since then, people didn’t get any such plot of land and on the other hand mining has already started in the village. “Where will we live now?” Santosh asks. People in Muher farm to earn their livelihoods. But the crops are destroyed by the dust from coal mining. Water scarcity is severe because the mining blasts had sent the water level down. Santosh says, “the forest belongs to us and the companies are making money destroying it. While acquiring the land the company said that it’ll give us employment, but we got nothing! We will die without a place to live. Who will be responsible for our death, Shivraj Singh Chauhan or Indian law?”

Santosh demands an enquiry for both- the compensation and the plot for the poor people. To know more about ground, call Santosh @ 8435647153

Groundwater contamination would destroy people’s lives & agriculture in Mahan


Vijayshankar is opposing Mahan Coal Ltd in his village Amelia (dst. SIngrauli,M.P). The company is an imminent danger for the people and environment. In Amelia, groundwater and coal reserve are on the same level. The mines would cause severe drinking water-crisis and this would also destroy agriculture in Amelia and all the neighboring villages. Vijayshankar Singh urges everyone reading this, needs to stand up for Mahan forest!

You can contact Vijayshankar @8435637872