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Illegitimate Tender of Tendu Leaf Collection Centre


I am Jagnarayan Shah from Village Amelia, Post karsualal, Tehsil mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. Forest department has illegally given the tender of Budher Tendu leaf collection centre to Bhajandhari Singh who is not even the resident of the Budher village. The villagers of Budher village do not want Bhajandhari Singh to be given the contract of Tendu Leaf collection .With regard to this we have given our application to DFO and Ranger for an immediate termination of this contract. I am requesting the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to act on and create the pressure on the forest department

Call to report – Ranger- 9753262352 Local Nodal officers -9165331267.

Discrepancy in allotment of Tendu Leaf Collector


I am Anita Kushwaha from Village Budher, Post Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. The local Leaf collection centre is under Dhajandhari Kushwaha S/O Ramadheen Kushwaha who is not the resident of this village and also not even a part of voter’s list. He was elected as Sarpanch of Singrahi panchayat and he is a resident of Parkhuri village. We don’t want him to operate for the tendu leaf collection centre. We would like to transfer this to local villagers. Last year the collection center was under Bhajandhari Kushwaha and we want him back in the collection center. We have submitted an application to DFO and Ranger on 13th May 2015. I request to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to support our demand.
call to report -Ranger- 9753262352 Local Nodal officers -9165331267,


What pleasure the DFO gets making people walk 10 km to get their money home!


HARIDAYAL SINGH GOND – President of Vanadhikar Samiti (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, and Dist. Singrauli)
“As the president of Van Adhikar Samiti, I’m reporting that the payment of Amelia’s Tendu collection is being distributed five km away from the village, in Chaura forest post. Villagers are facing difficulties to travel up down this far a place. I demand that this irregular practice stops now and rather the officials come down to Amelia to pay the villagers here. The Officers involved in this are DFO – S.K. Singh, Munshi – Yogendra, Forest Ranger, Beat Guard- Jaiswal.”

Call DFO – S.K Singh – 9424793525 and ask him to stop making the villagers walk 10 kilometers for getting their money back home, whereas the forest officers can easily come to the village.
Call Haridayal to know more about this – 8085518380

Ameliya vilage still didn’t receive Tendu Collection payment from Govt.


VIRENDRA KR. SINGH, Ameliya, Singrauli Dst. M.P :

“Tendu leaf collection season has been over a month ago. But forest department hasn’t paid Ameliya villagers money for their collection. On the other hand, villages around Amelia got the payment.  Tendu leaf is a major source of income in Mahan region. Because of the non-payment of their due, poor people in Ameliya can’t plan their upcoming farming season and having a difficult time. It is our request to the DFO to ensure that the hard earned money of the workers reaches them within a week’s time”

* Because of the non-payment of their due, poor people in Ameliya can’t plan their upcoming farming season and related livelihood options. Help Ameliya Samiti get their money from Forest Department! Call the officials below and report this -

DFO S.K Singh – 09424793525 , 0755-2674001, 0755-2674302
Collector & District Magistrate: Mr.  M. Selvendran (IAS) : Phone No. : 07805 – 234541, 07805-244110,

Email Id :

Civic Center, MP Government, Helpline no- 155343 (toll free)
Email ID:

Call Virendra for more detail on this 08120487266

The dismayed faces of Mahan!


Avinash Chanchal form Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is reporting the dismay of local people. The Tendu season has arrived and people are busy now collecting the tendu leaves. Every evening, these people, after collecting the tendu leaves, go to “Van Samities” and get their leaves counted. This season the people going to collect tendu, are sad and troubled as the Government has given their forest for coal mining. Mahan forest, which is the source of fresh air, water, firewood, medicines, Tendu, Chiraunji and Mahua, will be destroyed if the mining starts. It will also destroy the livelihood of the thousands of the people dependent on the forest.
Mr. Avinash is requesting the Government of India and the Madhya Pradesh administration to stop this from happening and save the lives.
More more details, call Avinash at 08359826363

Impact – Amelia Samiti gets their Tendu leaves’ bonus


Kripanath Yadav (from Amelia vil, Singrauli, MadhyaPradesh) reports an impact of Radio Sangharsh calls. Amelia Samiti didn’t get the Tendu Leaves’ bonus for 2012. They appealed to the Forest Ranger, DFO, Forest Guard, Superintendent etc. but there was no result. Then Kripanath reported this to Radio Sangharsh. After the report, Radio Sangharsh listeners have taken certain initiatives due to which, Kripanath says, in one week’s time Amelia Samiti got their Tendu bonus!
Kripanath thanks you all for this. He concludes that he is a rural citizen journalist and he is armed with a mobile phone. With the phone, he can report people’s problems to Radio Sangharsh that reaches to people outside the village and have chances of getting resolved by pressure from the audience on the stakeholders.

Amelia deserves better rates for Tendu collection bonus


Virendra had reported to Radio Sangharsh in February about his village (Amelia) not getting Tendu Leaf Collection bonus. This was to get the DFO’s attention. After the report, they have received their bonus in March. Virendra informs that though they finally got the bonus, the rates that Amelia Samiti got for Tendu collection, is lesser than other villages around. He says that next year, people in Amelia should get bonus in fair and better rates.  To know more, call Virendra @ 8120487266