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Victory for Mahan!


My name is Jagnarayan Shah from Village Amelia, Post karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh
Being an active member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, I feel proud that finally our perseverance and determination has paid off. We have won Mahan!! Our four years of peaceful fight to save the Asia’s oldest Sal forest which is also our livelihood will not be auctioned. Mahan Sangharsh Samiti has celebrated this victory as Democracy Festival along with other civil societies on 30th March 2015. Thousands of villagers came together and celebrated this event and also opposed the Land Acquisition Bill. They ripped the copy of Land acquisition bill and buried it to as a symbol of protest against the bill. MSS will continue its peaceful movement to save forest and livelihood.

To know more about event Call Jagnarayan Shah- 7566904239

Forest Beat Guard threatening to kill, tries assaulting women protesters in Mahan


ANITA KUSHWAHA – vil. Budher, post Jamghadi, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh:

“On July 1st, we villagers went to protest against the company’s surreptitious works in the forest. A company broker and Forest Beat Guard- Dinesh Ratnakar tried throwing stones at us; but the labors working there took the stones from their hands. Dinesh Ratnakar threatened us saying, ‘this is my forest and I allow company to work here. Anyone coming to stop the work here would be a criminal, and I can kill that person!’He also tried to take the men and women to Bandhaura police station.
We told Dinesh that protecting our forest is our right and we won’t let any company take it!
The women with me, whom the Beat Guard tried to physically assault were Basanti, Ramkali, Shivkumari, Samdhariya-ji. I request all of you listeners and friends of Radio Sangharsh, help stop atrocities on women in Mahan. ”

Call the Forest Beat Guard – Dinest Ratnakar @ 7509318977. Give him a piece of mind on how to treat women and what the law can do to the violators!
National Women’s Commission Complaints Cell:011-23219750,011-23213419,011-23236153
Call the Women Protection Cell at 9425841437 and mail – Demand an action on this Government employee assaulting women.
Report this to District Magistrate – M. Salvendran, phone – 07805 (234541), 07805(244110),
Talk to Anita and know more about the incident – 8718939145

Villagers protested and stopped company numbering the trees in Mahan!


“More than hundred men and women of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) protested and stopped Mahan Coal Ltd (MCL) from numbering trees in the forest. This happened on 23rd June. MSS members told MCL not to come back for numbering trees till the rights of the villagers are enforced.”
Call Virendra @9669653827 to know details on this.

Van Satyagrahi – Bechanlal received bail from HC!


Bechanlal Shah, the Van Satyagrahi in jail, got bail order (from Jabalpur High Court) yesterday after 3 weeks of his arrest. Bechanlal’s bail was not granted before. Yesterday, as the news of his bail broke, there were happiness, cheer and slogans in the local villages. MSS member Jagnarayan Shah said, “Bechanlal’s sacrifice brings new energy to our fight to save Mahan. This is how good wins over evil after all. This Van Satyagraha would continue till the 2nd stage clearance to Mahan is revoked!”
On 8th May,  4 Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) members were arrested in the midnight for peaceful protests for saving Mahan forest. 3 activists were released after 40 hrs, but Bechanlal’s bail was pending till yesterday.

Fighting for your rights peacefully, takes you to jail – story of the Forest Four!


Vivek Goyal reporting the first hand account of the Forest Four. 8th May midnight at 00.00 hrs, police arrested 4 members of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti from the Greenpeace guest house at Waidhan. The activists arrested were Akshay Gupta, Vineet Gupta, Vijay Shankar Singh and Bechanlal Shah. The cops neither showed any arrest warrant, nor did they tell where they were taking the activists to. After 7 long hours MSS members got information that the activists were at Mada police station. Only at 7.30 a.m the police ‘officially’ arrested them and all four of them had been charged under four sections: 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servants from doing their duty), 186 (Obstructing a public servant in discharge of public functions), 392 (punishment for robbery) and 180/14 (refusing to sign a confession). Same day around afternoon they were produced to the court and were ordered to be sent to judicial custody / jail. Arrested activists told that they hadn’t committed any crime and they were protecting their rights peacefully. Vijay Shankar wasn’t even present when the incident of villagers stopping marking of the trees in Mahan had happened. The activists maintained that they are booked wrongfully and they would continue fighting for their rights, even Gandhiji did that and the nation is proud about him! Akshay Gupta informed that he was beaten by the cops were forced to sign some papers at the police station.
9th May 3 activists except Bechanlal Shah were granted bail from the court on Rs. 50000 bail amount. The released activists told that they are sad that Bechanlal wasn’t granted bail and they would move to the high court to get him released. Their Sangharsh would continue and would continue peacefully for protecting the rights. Activism is not a crime!

70 villagers stopped marking of the trees in Mahan forest


Vivek Goyal reporting from Waidhan. On 5th May, people from the company were marking the trees and their working area in the forest. 70 villagers went to stop this. The police came by then and asked the villagers to let the marking continue. But the villagers told that they would continue resisting because this 2nd stage clearance is given based on 1125 forged signatures in the Gramsabha on 6th March, 2013 (whereas the actual number of villagers present in the Gramsabha was only 184). Villagers say that this 2nd stage clearance is a against the Forest Right Act 2006. Thus, the govt and administration supporting the company is actually a violation of the rights of villagers, tribal and dalits. After a while, the company people and police left their equipments in the forest and went away. Later, the villagers submitted the equipments at Bandhora police station. ‘Sangharsh jaari rahega’
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