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We Welcome the Supreme Court Verdict


JAG NARAYAN SHAH (Amelia village, Karsualal post, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh)

“I am a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti. We are the ones who are pursuing a peaceful revolution to save their water, jungle, land, livelihoods and daily bread. Friends, we welcome the the Supreme Court decision on Aug 25, 2014 that declares coal block allocations from 1993 to 2011, a total of 216 coal blocks as illegal! Through this we realised that the truth can get upset but cannot be defeated.
I hope through this Supreme Court decision that all the illegal coal blocks in the country get shut down and this would be beneficial to all the people living in this country. And through this, the violation of human rights of children, women and people around the country that is happening currently–  can be stopped and their situation can be improved so that people can better their lives together. Friends, zindabad!”

You can speak to Jagnarayan at 7566904239 and know more about the struggles of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti to save their forest from an illegally allocated coal mine

First Hand Account of Arrest of Greenpeace activist at Waidhan, Madhya Pradesh – 2


- Krishika Raina, Volunteer, Waidhan, Madhya Pradesh

Hi! I am Krishika Raina. I work with Greenpeace India Pune office. I am in Waidhan, Singrauli, MP as a Greenpeace volunteer. This is my first visit here and it has been a wonderful experience to know in detail about the work going on here. But yesterday, 29th July, 2014 was an exceptional day. I witnessed the arrest of Greenpeace activists. I had read about the previous arrests which happened in May but actually witnessing it was really scary. Even though we were anticipating the arrest it was still unnerving when it actually happened. We were given proper briefing and instructions for any situation that would happen but still we were not prepared well enough. I was asleep and suddenly, I was woken up by the commotion that was happening in the living room. When I went to check, I saw 10-12 policemen including two policewomen entering and inspecting the guesthouse at around 12 midnight. We had heard rumours that the entire team would be arrested so it was scary to actually face it. This was my first police inquiry of sorts. But only Akshay and Rahul were taken arrested. At that moment I had mixed feelings. I was kind of relieved that not everyone was taken. I was sad that two of my teammates were taken. But the feeling that dominated all was that of anger. That they were arrested on false charges and I could do nothing about it. I am using this medium, not only to talk about people being arrested for false charges but also to make people realise that it is high time to do something about it, not just to save our forests but also to protect the basic rights of the forest dwellers which are not being given to them by the administration. I also feel proud to be here and to be part of the battle and witness the struggles the people living here go through. To just so that we all can survive. I will definitely go back and mobilise more and more people about this. Thank you! Zindabad!

Forest Beat Guard threatening to kill, tries assaulting women protesters in Mahan


ANITA KUSHWAHA – vil. Budher, post Jamghadi, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh:

“On July 1st, we villagers went to protest against the company’s surreptitious works in the forest. A company broker and Forest Beat Guard- Dinesh Ratnakar tried throwing stones at us; but the labors working there took the stones from their hands. Dinesh Ratnakar threatened us saying, ‘this is my forest and I allow company to work here. Anyone coming to stop the work here would be a criminal, and I can kill that person!’He also tried to take the men and women to Bandhaura police station.
We told Dinesh that protecting our forest is our right and we won’t let any company take it!
The women with me, whom the Beat Guard tried to physically assault were Basanti, Ramkali, Shivkumari, Samdhariya-ji. I request all of you listeners and friends of Radio Sangharsh, help stop atrocities on women in Mahan. ”

Call the Forest Beat Guard – Dinest Ratnakar @ 7509318977. Give him a piece of mind on how to treat women and what the law can do to the violators!
National Women’s Commission Complaints Cell:011-23219750,011-23213419,011-23236153
Call the Women Protection Cell at 9425841437 and mail – Demand an action on this Government employee assaulting women.
Report this to District Magistrate – M. Salvendran, phone – 07805 (234541), 07805(244110),
Talk to Anita and know more about the incident – 8718939145

Devotion or destruction?


Virendra Kumar Singh (Village Amelia, Post karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) is reporting about how Thakurain Tai, a devotional place for villagers from many villages, is under threat of destruction. It witnesses regular worshipers and locals’ festivals. Now this place falls in the middle of proposed coal mines and would be lost if mining isn’t stopped. Virendra says that people are opposing mining on their place of faith.
For more details, call Virendra – 08120487266

Appeal to the PMO for “acche din” in Mahan


Jagnarayan Shah, a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti with hope of justice from the new government, conveys this message to the Prime Minister, Union Tribal Minister and the Tribal welfare department :
“ I am a resident of Mahaan forest area. The forest is the only source of  livelihood of the people residing here. It gives us Mahua, Tendu, Chironji, wood for cooking and supporting village huts, different herbs, medicines etc. making the villagers self-sufficient and with all the resources required for living. But Essar, Hindalco, Mahan Coal Limited and other corporations are trying to snatch it from the people. Bribed local administrators are thrashing villager’s rights everyday. Here, the Community Forest Rights hasn’t been implemented. Social workers and other villagers who try to protect these people’s rights are thrown to jail on the basis fake cases.
We are fighting non-violently to save our forest and we will keep on fighting for it because if it is wiped deforested, we will lose everything.
I appeal to the new Government to make these companies evacuate the forest so that we could live peacefully, ‘jisse hum sabke acche din baney rahen’. And I don’t only hope but believe it strongly that you (the government), keeping in view- the livelihood of the Mahan people, will make the companies leave Mahan. Zindabad!”

Help to bring Acche Din for Mahan, Call to Mr. Jual Oram ( Minister  Of Tribal Affairs) 23388482(O), 23381499(O),23070577(FAX), 24625800(FAX)
Dr.Rameshwar Oraon Chairperson (National Commission for Scchedule Tribe) 24635721, 2462462(Fax) 09868180394(R) 011-26119495(R)
Tell this to Your Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Reliance Power caused the displaced live in unlivable conditions in Amlori


Parsuram Baiga shares the pathetic living conditions of the people in displaced village Amlori (Amlori Jharia, dst. Singrauli, MP)! Reliance Power has done injustice to the displaced. While acquiring people’s lands, Reliance said that it would provide people with compensation, employment, plots to stay, all the facilities like water, electricity, connected roads etc. But many days have passed since then and these poor people did not get the things promised to them by the company.
“When we lived in forest,” Parsuram says, “we never ran out of food, the forest took care of our stomachs. But now, after displacement, we’re starving here, with no place to live in.” The company also told that it would provide plots to the minors after 2 years. People from Amlori protested against such unfulfilled commitments at the collector’s office at Waidhan, the collector later accepted the memorandum. If this court doesn’t get justice for Amlori people, they will go to the High court at Jabalpur. He is requesting the RS listeners to help them get the justice as soon as possible.
Some more names of aggrieved people that Parsuram mentioned, are – Manish S/o- Ramdas, Kalamati D/o- Ramadhar, Lalmati D/o- Ramkishun, Ramniwas, Ramlallu, Rajesh S/o- Ramautar, Lakpatia W/o- Sankhu, Sunita D/o- Chhotelal.
To know more about Amlori’s situation, call Parsuram Baiga @ 08962346121
Call the Collector demanding an action on this: Shri M.Selvendran, Phone-0780534541,  07805244110,  Mail

People breathing poison in Anpara


Gaiman Kannaujiya (Anpara, Dist. Sonebhadra, U.P.) is reporting about the people’s suffering due to high level of pollution from companies like- Anpara Coal Mines, HINDALCo, Lanco etc., the most troublesome for them is the Lanco Power plant working whole nights, continuosly precipitating layers of coal dust on everything – making it hard for the people to breathe and do other daily works. He is requesting the listeners of radio Sangharsh to build pressure on the following to make the companies reduce the pollution.
Call Gaiman @9628141516  for more details on the pollution.
Contact the following to help notify LANCO and Pollution Control Board, UP
Uttar pradesh Pollution Control Board, Lucknow, Phone: +91-522-2720831, 2720681, 2720691; Fax : +91-522-2720764; E-mail :
Lanco Plant office: Gate No. 03, Anpara, P.O. Anpara, Sonebhadra District, Uttar Pradesh, Phone +91-5446-272102, Fax +91-5446-275091, Email-

Where will people & Animals Live, At Moily’s Bungalow?


Jaiprakash Khushwaha is reporting from Gram Budher, Dist Singrauli. He is talking about how the forests of Mahan has been given clearance by government for Mining to Essar & Hindalco. The forests will be destroyed but the government has not cared enough of the people & wild life of Mahan. While we can manage our food but where we will live,At Moily’s Bungalow? Asks Jaiprakash.
He wants to government to do arrangements for the people & wildlife so that they get shelter & water.
To know more, call Jayprakash – 7389779955

Ready to die for saving Mahan


Heeramani’s livelihood is dependent on Mahan forest. He gets tendu, dori, mahua, char, chakaud and other important things from forest and the cattle graze in the forest. He asks where would the cattle graze or how would the people live if the forest goes to the company. Heeramani says that he is ready to die but would not let go of his forest and land at any cost! He is from Amelia village, Madhya Pradesh. To know more, call Heeramani @7581863470

“Veerappa Moily – today’s Dhritarashtra?”


Jayparakash Kushwaha finds similarities between MOEF minister Veerappa moily with Dhritrastra (a mythological character) in Mahabharata. Dhritarashtra, to make his son Duryodhan the king, sacrificed all his subjects in war. Jayprakash says that Moily is the king of the forest and environment and as a king, his duty is to save his kingdom. But this heartless king (instead of protecting) is killing the rich Mahan forest, the wild animals and people by giving permission to Essar for coal mining. Jayprakash is from vil- Budher, post – Jamghadi, tehsil- sarai, dst- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. To know more, contact Jayprakash @ 7389779955

Groundwater contamination would destroy people’s lives & agriculture in Mahan


Vijayshankar is opposing Mahan Coal Ltd in his village Amelia (dst. SIngrauli,M.P). The company is an imminent danger for the people and environment. In Amelia, groundwater and coal reserve are on the same level. The mines would cause severe drinking water-crisis and this would also destroy agriculture in Amelia and all the neighboring villages. Vijayshankar Singh urges everyone reading this, needs to stand up for Mahan forest!

You can contact Vijayshankar @8435637872

Prime Minister, when will you implement Community Forest Rights for us?


Nandlal Shah’s (Village Suhira, Tehsil Singrauli District Singrauli Madhaya Pradesh) livelihood is entirely dependent on Mahan forest. He also emphasizes upon the diversity of animal habitat the forest has. If companies get the permission for coal mining, the whole biodiversity and livelihoods will be destroyed, there will not be any monsoon, the streams will have no water, no medicinal plants will be found and the environment will be damaged. Nandlal requests prime minister Manmohan Singh to stop trashing his forest for coal and ensure the communities’ rights on the forest. He demands investigation and action against the village Sarpanch as he organises Gramsabha without notifying the villagers and forge signatures to grab their lands. The villagers need a transparent Gramsabha to demand their rights to the forest and lands.

You can contact Nandlal – 0 9617003612