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MSS Continue to fight for Civil Rights for Mahan


I am Jagnarayan Shah and a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is fighting for saving the livelihood of people and human rights. On January 2015 Priya Pillai was invited by the British Parliamentarian to talk about her work in Mahan but she was offloaded by government officials at Delhi International airport. On March 12, Delhi High Court quashed the Look Out Circular issued on Priya. High Court also directed the authorities to expunge the Offload stamp from her passport and remove her name from all database.  Judge Rajiv Sakdar pronounced judgement in favor of Priya Pillai and said “you cannot muzzle dissent in a democracy”. Mahan Sangharsh Samiti welcome this judgment. Mahan Sangharsh samiti believe that fight for truth and civil rights can never be defeated. It is a big victory for us and for the people of this country. We are requesting the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to put pressure on the government for save the rights of people of Mahan.

Farmers Furor against Land Acquisition Bill in Delhi


Zindabad to the listener of Radio Sangharsh, I am Avinash Chanchal reporting straight from Jantar Mantar in Delhi where farmers are protesting against the Land Acquisition Bill. Farmers believe that this bill will take their livelihood away from them. While opposition along with Anna Hazare, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav is branding changes in the current ordinance as ‘anti-farmer’, the government claims that the new amendments will benefit farmers. The bill was tabled yesterday by the government at Rajya Sabha witnessed furor by the opposition. Farmers intend to spearhead rallies and protest on All India level if the government doesn’t take back this bill. Ekta Parishad will be organizing rally from Jantar Mantar on Thrusday. This struggle is likely to continue with a slogan “Jangal Jameen nahi chodegne, Apni maai maati nahi chodegne.

Acres of land, tractor, motorbikes, yet, getting enlisted as BPL


Kamla Prasad Shah (Village Ghora, Post Khanuakhas, Tehsil Sarai, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“Rich people are getting enlisted under BPL (Below Poverty Line List) , in our Ghora Gram Panchayat. And as a whole, the percentage of non-poors enlisted as BPL is way higher than those who are actually poor.

Some of the people enlisted as BPL have acres of land registered in their names, own tractor, motorbikes, large stock of food grains (rice, wheat) etc. But on the other hand, poor people are not getting in the list. I am requesting the listeners take this to the Govt and eradicate such corruptions.”

Call Kamla Prasad to know more about this 9165572255
Report this to the Collector Raghuraj MR -07805-234541
Report this to SDM Ashish Pathak- 9407076810

Medieval India? Budher’s Sarpanch takes villager’ signatures on blank paper during gramsabha


Anita Kushwaha (Village Budher, Post Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):

“Gramsabha has been organized on 3rd Oct 2014 in my Budher village. But the Sarpanch and Village Secretary did not write anything on proposal letter and they didn’t even inform all the villagers. I asked the Sarpanch and Secretary when’s the date for next GramSabha, yet didn’t get any answer from them.
On that day, I was passing by the village school and found that GramSabha was going on. I asked the secretary, “What’s written in the gramsabha proposal?” He told, “Nothing is written yet, I’ll write once I go home!” I demanded that the proposal must be written in the GramSabha and not in anyone’s home. But as usual, they didn’t tell anything.
After all these, they started taking signatures on a blank paper! I said that I wouldn’t sign on a blank paper.
I request you, the Radio Sangharsh listeners to help solve this problem in our village.”

Call Anita to know more details about this incident- 8718939145
Call Budher’s village secretary Shivshankar Vaish – 9669086654 and ask what was written on the proposal
Notify the District Magistrate- Raghuraj MR about this illegal practices by public servants! Phone - 07805 (234541) , mail –

Ameliya vilage still didn’t receive Tendu Collection payment from Govt.


VIRENDRA KR. SINGH, Ameliya, Singrauli Dst. M.P :

“Tendu leaf collection season has been over a month ago. But forest department hasn’t paid Ameliya villagers money for their collection. On the other hand, villages around Amelia got the payment.  Tendu leaf is a major source of income in Mahan region. Because of the non-payment of their due, poor people in Ameliya can’t plan their upcoming farming season and having a difficult time. It is our request to the DFO to ensure that the hard earned money of the workers reaches them within a week’s time”

* Because of the non-payment of their due, poor people in Ameliya can’t plan their upcoming farming season and related livelihood options. Help Ameliya Samiti get their money from Forest Department! Call the officials below and report this -

DFO S.K Singh – 09424793525 , 0755-2674001, 0755-2674302
Collector & District Magistrate: Mr.  M. Selvendran (IAS) : Phone No. : 07805 – 234541, 07805-244110,

Email Id :

Civic Center, MP Government, Helpline no- 155343 (toll free)
Email ID:

Call Virendra for more detail on this 08120487266

‘Development’, who do you serve? Not us, for sure!


JAGNARAYAN (Mahan Sangharsh Samiti member) from AMELIA, SINGRAULI, MADHYA PRADESH -
“We heard about the IB report from media. I reject the report’s allegation that  Greenpeace is a hindrance to our economic growth, as false! Development means progress that is for all!

Right now in India, the word ‘development’ only helps businessmen and city dwellers to ‘grow’ more. But it is us, the village dwellers, who have to deal with the ugly side to it. We get displaced and have no where to go, our livelihoods are snatched away from us, we are expected to make life changing sacrifices! After losing everything, we have to live with dust, unbearable pollution, a destroyed environment resulting in adverse health effects on our fellow villagers.

Our rights and needs are ruthlessly trampled over. In this environment of despair, Greenpeace has been supporting and working to enforce community forest rights on Mahan forest for the villagers. This is as per 2006-2007 Forest Rights Act.
There is necessity for organisations like Greenpeace in our co- to spread awareness, safeguard the rights and livelihood of us poor, to protect the environment from destruction. Greenpeace is not one to function for money or political motives. They are doing a great job”

Telecom Tower co’s are destroying Godwani’s livelihood


Raghunath Singh from Godwani (Singrauli, M.P) reporting about Telecom tower companies’ ecological atrocities in the region. Mahua and Tendu trees provide the main forest produces for villagers’ income. The Telcos are cutting Mahua, Tendu and other trees, thus destroying the livelihood of people. Moreover, they apply force to make the unwilling agree, give measly compensation to those who fight and nothing to the silent! Raghunath and many others want the tower co’s to leave their village.  They demanding for justice.

Call Raghunath to know more details about the companies @ +917771026955

Call the DFO – S.K. Singh and demand a just clarification and an end to this @ +919424793525

‘Tarikh pe tarikh’ at Mada Police Station! Another 60 days of inaction


Hiramani Singh reporting again against Mada Police Station’s inaction. On 22nd February, he along with other villagers from Amelia filed a complaint against the gramsabha’s fraud on 1125 signatures for land,  at Mada Police Stations. The Police had told that they would take 10 days for inquiry. But now its been two months and there is no progress in this case. Hiramani says that the Police officials don’t care to do their job properly and do not have fear of consequences for such conscious negligence. He would go to any length, all the courts, to get the law take strong action against the perpetrators of the fraud. He will not leave his forest and land.

Hiramani urges the readers to build more pressure on the police to act. Call him to know more about the fraud @ +91 7581863470

Call the S.P – D. Chakravarty and demand an action @ +919479998880 , to help the victims of this conspired fraud save their lands and Mahan forest!


Tribals in Budher sends a strong message to the Company trying to lure them


Anita Kushwaha reporting from Budher (Singrauli, MP). Company people met the tribal in Budher and told, “we will develop you and will provide the basic facilities”. Company proposed supposedly ‘better livelihood’ options like poultry and goat rearing once the villagers part with their lands!  But the Tribal told them unequivocally, “If you take our forest, where will those cattle graze? We don’t want anything from the company! We are happy with our forest and don’t want to give it to you.”
You can call Anita for more details @ 8718939145