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Company harassing people to mine coal in Singrauli region


Ramlallu Singh Gond (vil. Amelia, Dst. Singrauli, M.P) says that a company is harassing poor people to get to mine coal in his area. But Ramlallu will not let go of the forest (he says, Jal Jangal Jameen) at any cost, because it is the source of an enriched life and livelihood for poor farmers, laborers and villagers. The coal resource here will last just for 14 years, but for this, livelihoods of one lakh people would be trashed along with the forest. To light up  urban India with Singrauli’s coal, the people from Singrauli would be dead from fatal dust and smoke pollution. He appeals that the Radio Sangharsh audience (you!) help him to pass this message on to the local administration and State Government.

You can contact Ramallu @ 9977250378

A song by a villager in protest against companies destroying his livelihood


Kripanath yadav from Amelia, Singrauli sings a song to explain the situation in his village which faces displacement because of coal mining. Listen in. You can reach him via mobile- 9753939429

“एस्सार व हिंडाल्को अभिमानी तोड़ो”

भाई बचा लो जंगल का पानी तभी बच पायेगी जिन्दगानी,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
इस जंगल से महुआ मिलता सब लोगो को ध्यान रहे,
इस जंगल से लकड़ी मिलती जिससे सारा काम रहे,
इस जंगल से हवा मिलता जो जीवन कल्याण करे,
इस जंगल से मिलती औषधि जो रोगों का नाश करे,
इस जंगल से मिलती औषधि जो रोगों का नाश करे,
इस जंगल को ख़तम करत है शाशन और कंपनी छोरो,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
२०१३, ६  मार्च को बुधवार का दिन रहा,
ग्राम अमेलिया में जिला कलक्टर ने बुलवाया ग्राम सभा,
ग्राम सभा में लोगो की संख्या १८४ रही,
तहसीलदार माड़ा के गुप्ता ने समय के अनुकूल बंद किये,
१८४ को छलपूर्वक ११२५ किये,
ग्राम सभा की नक़ल लेने में हुई बड़ी परेशानी छोड़ो,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी,
ग्राम सभा का कॉपी ले कर महान संघर्ष के लोग चले,
१९ जुलाई को नईदिल्ली में केंद्रीय मंत्री देव मिले,
मीडिया और पत्रकार के सामने मंत्री ने ज्ञापन लिए,
सब सभा के बीच में मंत्री ने लोगों को सम्बोध किये,
होगी सुनवाई अत्याचारों की,
मिटेगी सब परेशानी
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,

Forest is the foundation of our lives


Bhaiya Bahadur Singh (village Khairahi, dst Singrauli) depends on Mahan forest for his livelihood. This forest is the foundation of life here in Singrauli. People who are poor and don’t have land, get mahua, tendu, wood and other things from forest to sustain their lives. If the forest is destroyed, the people’s lives, the generations of knowledge of living with it, would be ruined.

Economic self sufficiency support needed for poverty stricken women workers of Chatra


Raju Rana (District Chatra, Jharkhand) is speaking about the local who collect leaves from the forest to make ‘pattal’ (plates made of leaves). Out of every two days’ hard work, one can make ten bundles of pattals and earn just thirty rupees total.  It is a traditional job (passed on for generations) for many, but now it is more out of compulsion for women who are severely poverty stricken. Raju demands from Govt help for making these poor women economically self sufficient.

Contact Raju for more details – 9835235929

Money can’t buy my forest


Kishan Dayal singh (village Amiliya, Madhya Pradesh) tells us about his life, dependent on Mahan forest. Tendu leafs, Mahua fruits, Bela and other forest produce so important for his livelihood – he gets them all from the forest. He reaffirms that at any cost, money can’t buy his forest.

What will happen to our livelihoods, if Mahan forest is taken over for mining?


Chandrakesh Kumar Saket (Village Bandhaura) is speaking about acquisition of land by Mahaan Coal Ltd. He says that the company is taking over villages and surrounding forests of Amelia, Budher, Khanua, Suhira. Bandhora’s forest also is being taken away by Essar, but the village gets left out.
Chandrakesh says if the companies succeed to take over all these forests for mining, what would happen to the people’s livelihood (that is totally dependent on the forests), where will the cattle go for grazing?  He doesn’t want to give Mahan forest to companies.

For more details, contact Chandrakesh- 9584724227

Life with Forests


Virender Singh shares how Mahan forest is a source of livelihood for about 13,000 people across more than 62 villages. He expresses his concern over the debasement of so many families and communities. Listen to him demand his community’s right under the forest act 2006-07. He requests the audience of Radio Sangharsh to call the collector and DFO (Divisional Forest Officer) urging them take a stand for the rights of the communities in and around Mahan forest and against its destruction.

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