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Passenger Complaint Numbers Not Working


DHARAMPAL VERMA (Saria, district Giridih, Jharkhand):

“At this Hazaribagh Railway station there are complaint (phone) numbers that have been listed. But whenever passengers are inconvenienced, and they try calling the three complaint numbers that are listed near the ticket counter, the calls never connect or the calls go through but the phone is never answered. So my point is that why list these three numbers if no one answers when people call them because it’s a false promise. So I want to inform the railway administrator from Hajipur zone that in Hazaribagh railway station, to – either change the numbers or remove the numbers that are listed as complaint numbers because they trouble people with their falsehood.”

To report this to Railways, call Chief  OS/Admin Officer – 9771425053, 06224-22050, 62070
For more details, call Dharampal at 9155199383

Singrauli – Katni sector’s only single line runs more freight trains than the ones for public


There is single railway line between Singrauli and Katni. People face perennial difficulties because of this. The reporter give instances of the patients who they couldn’t reach the hospital in times of severe needs! For someone living in Singrauli, the Government’s claim that Indian Railways is for the public, sounds ironic. This is because, the single line caters to all the coal mining companies’ profits with many freight trains causing heavy rain traffic, but the railway service to public is not even worth mentioning. Virendra Singh (reporter) is demanding from the Ministry of Railways to construct double line for bettering people’s lives.

Call Virendra for more details on this @ 8120487266
Ashok Choudhary – (Executive Director PG, Ministry of Railways) @ 011-23386203 or mail to to voice Singrauli’s grievance.

You can also call the MP of the constituency, Govind Prasad Mishra @ 09893128212 / 09013180131