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Medieval India? Budher’s Sarpanch takes villager’ signatures on blank paper during gramsabha


Anita Kushwaha (Village Budher, Post Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):

“Gramsabha has been organized on 3rd Oct 2014 in my Budher village. But the Sarpanch and Village Secretary did not write anything on proposal letter and they didn’t even inform all the villagers. I asked the Sarpanch and Secretary when’s the date for next GramSabha, yet didn’t get any answer from them.
On that day, I was passing by the village school and found that GramSabha was going on. I asked the secretary, “What’s written in the gramsabha proposal?” He told, “Nothing is written yet, I’ll write once I go home!” I demanded that the proposal must be written in the GramSabha and not in anyone’s home. But as usual, they didn’t tell anything.
After all these, they started taking signatures on a blank paper! I said that I wouldn’t sign on a blank paper.
I request you, the Radio Sangharsh listeners to help solve this problem in our village.”

Call Anita to know more details about this incident- 8718939145
Call Budher’s village secretary Shivshankar Vaish – 9669086654 and ask what was written on the proposal
Notify the District Magistrate- Raghuraj MR about this illegal practices by public servants! Phone - 07805 (234541) , mail –

First thing’s first! Implement community forest rights


BHAGWAN ASHRAY NAMDEV (Village Raila, Tehsil Mada, Dist-Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“There are many problems in our district like power cut, electric transformer doesn’t change on time etc. but here I’ll talk about the need of Forest Right Implementation in our district. Administration stated that villagers who have been living here since 1984, will get the land registration; but I would also like to suggest that we should start Forest Right Awareness drive among poor and displaced people of singrauli. There are rights for everyone. We have to understand our rights.
I am appealing to the new district magistrate that villagers should be benefited. Forest is about to finish in next 10 years. Before that, those villagers should get their rights in place and only after that, the GramSabha should be organized!”

You can contact Bhagwan at 7746871173

Chicken, Sari, Daaru – Company wants to buy villagers’ consent with these!


BAIJU SINGH GOND (Amelia village, Karsualal post, Tehsil Mahda, Madhya Pradesh) -  interview by HIRAMANI SINGH

“The company people come to us and say, “Drink liquor, eat chicken and switch to our side in the Gram Sabha.” We don’t want to side with them in the Gram Sabha. We want to save our jungle and our land. We want a separate Gram Sabha.”
People from company coming to villages in group of four and distribute liquor and chicken to some, clothes and saris to others – this cannot continue. I appeal to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to spread this message.”

For more detail on this call, contact Hiramani at 8359899684

Harassment by Officials in the Middle of the Night


Ram Vichare Jaiswal (from Amelia village, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh)

“Coal mines have come to our Amelia village. The officials of these coal mining companies trouble us coming to our house and repeatedly harassing us by telling we must ensure that they win the Gram Sabha.  They knock on our doors at in times like 11pm and 1 am at night. Friends! Please help us. Thank you!”

Call Ram Vichare to know more details on the company harassing villagers – 9752527157

2013 Gram Sabha Should be Declared Invalid


Vijay Shankar Singh (from Amelia village, Karsualal post, Thana Tehsil Mahda, Singrauli district, MP)

“I want to give this message through Radio Sangharsh that the Gram Sabha that was held on March 6, 2013 in a wrong and forged manner, be declared invalid. A new Gram Sabha should be held again in the presence of district judge or such higher administrators, so that we villagers can independently and peacefully put forth our matters. It needs to be ensured that there is no pressure on the villagers during this.

I appeal to all my friends of Radio Sangharsh that the forged Gram Sabha be declared invalid and those who carried out the forgeries be handed out strict punishments. Thank you. Zindabad!”

Call Vijay to know more about the last gram saha and the situation now, 8435637872

The Pressure for Swinging Votes Is Severe


BRIJESH KUMAR PANIKA (Amelia village, post Karsua, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh)

“People from the company come to us in groups of 3-4, and they tell us to participate in the gram sabha. They tell us that they will give us money, clothes and later, when the coal mines open, they will give us jobs.

I do not want to go to their side! There is no benefit for me by taking their side. I do not want to give them my jungle and land to them. I do not want to give them the source of my daily bread. I do not want to work with them. I want to subsist on my jungle and land. I appeal to Radio Sangharsh listeners to help solve my problem.”

Call Brijesh for more details 8359899684

What will win a gramsabha? Love for forest, or liquor & money?


Nandau Singh Gond (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“Before the gramsabha, the Company is harassing us poor villagers. They are distributing liquor and showing money to the people for getting them on company’s side in the upcoming Gramsabha. But, I won’t go to their side! I appeal to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh, help us during these troubled times.”

Call Nandau at +919753939429 to know more about such glorious efforts by the ‘company’.

INR. 500/month = old age pension (read compensation) for losing their homes!


SUDAMA SINGH GOND (Vil. Amelia, Po. Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“Santosh Shah from our village brought a ‘Company’ official to my home. They offered me monthly Rs.500 old age pension. They asked me to go to their office and fill in a form. The officer said that they had the order from village Sarpanch for doing this. Santosh is guiding Company’s officers to find people’s houses in the village.”

Know more details from Sudama (one of many, whose homes are targeted for mining by the same company!) call +917748961417

Collector met Mahan villagers, announced Gramsabha to decide the future of the forest


Hardayal Singh Gond (Vil. Amelia, Dst. Singrauli, MadhyaPradesh):

“On 21st July 2014, District Magistrate (Collector) of Singrauli invited Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) and Mahan Vikas Manch to discuss what the villagers want regarding the forest and mining. Collector told the villagers that they could get ‘mouza’ somewhere in the forest area and compensation. But, we from MSS cleared our stand on forest and rights. We told the collector that until in a Gramsabha we get our Community Forest Rights implemented under the Forest Rights Act 2006; we won’t let any company work in the forest, we don’t want any compensation against the forest.
Collector finally said that we could only come to a decision on this through a Gramsabha. In the Gramsabha, whichever side (forest or mining) the majority of villagers would take, would determine the future of Mahan.”

Call Hardayal at 08359820620 to know more about the meeting with District Magistrate.

A fresh and fair Gramsabha?


Vivek Goyal (Waidhan, MP) updates us on a recent development in Mahan fight. Mahan Sangharsh Samiti has been fighting for saving Mahan forest and implementation of Forest Right Act 2006 in his area for 3 years now. This is in a crucial phase right now because Environment Minister Veerappa Moily has given second stage clearance to Essar Power; on the other hand Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and the villagers are strongly opposing it. This clearance has been given on the basis of a supposed Gramsabha on 6 March 2013. Around 1125 signatures from this Gramsabha were found forged. Recently newspapers report – District Magistrate M. Salvendran agreed that there were fraud signatures and he said that a fresh gram Sabha would be organized again. Vivek says that Mahan Sangharsh Samiti would do their best in this gramsabha to save Mahan forest and people’s livelihood.
Call Vivek to know more @ 7838034549