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The Supreme Court Verdict Validates The Truth:


Friends zindabad! My name is Hari Dayal Singh Gond speaking, from Amelia village, post Karsualal. I am a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and I am the head of the Forest Rights Committee. After hearing the Supreme Court verdict, I felt that something good has happened in our life. I completely believe that the truth always wins. The truth can get pressured but it can never be defeated. I am extremely happy and I wish that if in the future the government wants to organize new auctions for the cancelled coal blocks, they must implement the forest rights act is before the same. If that doesn’t happen, our fight will again continue. Zindabad!

MSS is Doing Great Work


BHAGWAN ASHRAY NAMDEO (village Raila, Singrauli)

“The work that Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is doing is laudable and I thank Greenpeace for the guidance they gave prior to that. I am with the movement in Singrauli to save the forest in body, mind and spirit. My wish is for the residents of Singrauli to progress. Singrauli has become a coal center and the government of Shivraj Singh has cheated us because when Singrauli had been made a district, they had assured us that your land will not giveaway your lands in cheap rates. But this time in Surya Bhavan when we questioned them, they said besides the company who will care about your land?
Call Bhagwan for more details 7746871173

Villagers boycotted – compensation process without implementation of community forest rights


Jagnaryan Shah (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh).

From 17 July 2014, the Company and Government are jointly distributing notice regarding the Mahua trees in the forest. In the name of this notice, Govt officials – Patwari, RI and Forest Munshi are luring the people. This notice says, ‘you collect produces from Mahua trees which are now under the area allocated to Mahan Coal Ltd. So, we declare xyz number of Mahua trees in your name as compensation.’ Tehsildar had sent this notice to us stating anyone having objections regarding this would need to raise so by 26 July.
So, today being 26th July, 575 villagers gathered at the Community Hall to submit memorandum of their opposition to this notice to the Govt officials. The 575 of us strongly opposed the notice and said, ‘because the Community Forest Rights hasn’t yet been implemented for people in Mahan; we don’t accept any such notices before that!’
I request the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to keep on supporting our fight, take it to different levels and save Mahan forest together.”

Call Jagnarayan at 9009075918 to know more about the public protest against this notice.

Collector met Mahan villagers, announced Gramsabha to decide the future of the forest


Hardayal Singh Gond (Vil. Amelia, Dst. Singrauli, MadhyaPradesh):

“On 21st July 2014, District Magistrate (Collector) of Singrauli invited Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (MSS) and Mahan Vikas Manch to discuss what the villagers want regarding the forest and mining. Collector told the villagers that they could get ‘mouza’ somewhere in the forest area and compensation. But, we from MSS cleared our stand on forest and rights. We told the collector that until in a Gramsabha we get our Community Forest Rights implemented under the Forest Rights Act 2006; we won’t let any company work in the forest, we don’t want any compensation against the forest.
Collector finally said that we could only come to a decision on this through a Gramsabha. In the Gramsabha, whichever side (forest or mining) the majority of villagers would take, would determine the future of Mahan.”

Call Hardayal at 08359820620 to know more about the meeting with District Magistrate.

Complaint #3 – Ramji Yadav threatening to kill protesters from Amelia


HARDAYAL SINGH GOND (member, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti), vil. Amelia, dst. singrauli, MP:

“On 13 July 2014, Ramji Yadav, a company broker, abused and threatened all the villagers who are trying to save their homes and the forest. Ramji said that he would bring explosives through the ‘company’ and detonate them in the village and all the villagers would die!
Some villagers are afraid after this incident. I request the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to take my demand to the administration for a strong legal action against Ramji Yadav.”

Call SDoP Singrauli (Sub Divisional officer of Police) Mr. Parihar – 09479998884 and demand an action against Ramji and an apology to the villagers!
Call the District Magistrate and and notify this! M. Salvendran – Phone : 09425821181,  07805234541, 07805244110. email :
Call Hardayal to know more about the incident – 08359820620

Complaint #2 – Ramji Yadav threatening to kill protesters from Amelia


CHANDRIKA PRASAD PANIKA (member, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti), vil. Amelia, dst. singrauli, MP:

“On 13 July 2014, Ramji Yadav, a company broker, abused and threatened all the villagers who are trying to save their homes and the forest. Ramji declared that he would detonate explosives in the village so that all the villagers die.
This incident took place in-front of Shankarlal Shah S/O Lakheswarlal Shah’s house. The villagers are panicked. I request the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to take my demand to the administration for a strong legal action against Ramji Yadav.”

Call SDoP Singrauli (Sub Divisional officer of Police) Mr. Parihar – 09479998884 and demand an action against such threats to the community!
Call the District Magistrate and demand an action against Ramji and an apology to the villagers. M. Salvendran – Phone : 09425821181,  07805234541, 07805244110. email :
Call Chandrika Prasad to know more about the incident – 08878014585

Company broker Ramji Yadav threatens to detonate explosives to kill protesting villagers!


JAGNARAYAN SHAH (member, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti), vil. Amelia, dst. singrauli, MP:

“On 13 July 2014, Ramji Yadav, a broker of Mahan Coal Ltd., abused and threatened all the villagers who are trying to save their homes and the forest. Ramji declared that he would bring explosives through Mahan Coal Ltd and detonate them in every corner of the village so that all the villagers die.
This whole incident took place in-front of Shankarlal Shah S/O Lakheswarlal Shah’s house. The villagers are panicked for obvious reasons. I request the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to take my demand to the administration for a strong legal action against Ramji Yadav.”

Call the District Magistrate and demand an action against Ramji and an apology to the villagers. M. Salvendran – Phone : 09425821181,  07805234541, 07805244110. email :
D Kalyan Chakravarti (Supdt. of Police) :07805 (234601)
Call Ramji and tell him that you know what he is doing and he’s reported – 9617768677
Call Jagnarayan to know more about the incident – 07566904239

Livelihood snatched, threatened for life


Virendra Singh went to Budher village for mahua collection but Rudra Pratap Singh and his family Vinay and Chotu stopped him whereas Virendra has his rightful share of Mahua to collect. Rudra Pratap Singh, claiming those trees to be his own, broke Virendra’s bucket full of collected mahua and  threatened to kill him. He left that place and met Bhajandhari and Ramlallu Singh in Budher to explain the incident, then went back to his home in Amelia.
Virendra’s livelihood is snatched and he is demanding for justice.

Call the District Magistrate M. Salvendran to take strong action on this @ +91 9425821181
Call Virendra to know more details of the incident @ +91 8120487266


People’s resistance against company-govt’s duo’s pressure to take their lands & Mahan forest


Essar wants to mine coal in Mahan forest. With the help of Administration, the company is forcefully taking people’s lands. This situation leaves no importance for a fair Gramsabha or people’s voices and even the Forest Right Act 2006 is also getting violated. Company and Administration together want to acquire this forest forcefully. The people living in Mahan are opposing it unitedly as they don’t want to give their forest for any kind of compensation. The Company wants to acquire forest without implementing the Forest Rights act 2006. Hardayal Singh reporting from Amelia, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

Talk to Hardayal @ 8966002527 to know more

Groundwater contamination would destroy people’s lives & agriculture in Mahan


Vijayshankar is opposing Mahan Coal Ltd in his village Amelia (dst. SIngrauli,M.P). The company is an imminent danger for the people and environment. In Amelia, groundwater and coal reserve are on the same level. The mines would cause severe drinking water-crisis and this would also destroy agriculture in Amelia and all the neighboring villages. Vijayshankar Singh urges everyone reading this, needs to stand up for Mahan forest!

You can contact Vijayshankar @8435637872

Company harassing people to mine coal in Singrauli region


Ramlallu Singh Gond (vil. Amelia, Dst. Singrauli, M.P) says that a company is harassing poor people to get to mine coal in his area. But Ramlallu will not let go of the forest (he says, Jal Jangal Jameen) at any cost, because it is the source of an enriched life and livelihood for poor farmers, laborers and villagers. The coal resource here will last just for 14 years, but for this, livelihoods of one lakh people would be trashed along with the forest. To light up  urban India with Singrauli’s coal, the people from Singrauli would be dead from fatal dust and smoke pollution. He appeals that the Radio Sangharsh audience (you!) help him to pass this message on to the local administration and State Government.

You can contact Ramallu @ 9977250378

Support Mahan Sangharsh Samiti to save Mahan forest and end atrocity on people


Jagnarayan Shah (Amelia, Singrauli dst.) tells us about the struggle to save Mahan forest. He lives in village area of Singrauli and depends on forest (jal-jangal-jameen) for his livelihood for generations. Forest is a natural resource that never stops supporting lives, now and in the future. But now, companies like Hindalco and Mahan Coal ltd almost bought the local administration, Govt officials and then together, they are forcefully implying their want (to destroy the forest by mining) in the form of torture to villagers. The Villagers formed Mahan Sangharsh Samiti to fight for saving the Mahan forest, the jal-jangal-zameen. He appeals to the audience of Radio Sangharsh to support them to save mahan forest and bring an end to the injustice and atrocity inflicted on the people. For more details contact Jagnarayan Shah – 7566904239

Forest is the foundation of my life


Ganesh (vil. Bandha, dst. Singrauli) is dependent on farming and forest for his livelihood. He gets tendu, mahua, dori, firewood and other important forest produce from the forest to use for himself and sell  in the market. He doesn’t want to give Mahan forest to company. Interview by Vivek Goyal (Mahan Sangharsh Samiti).

Kripanath appeals to you to save Mahan forest


60- 65 villages are dependent on Mahan forest (Madhya Pradesh) for their livelihood. They get forest produces such as mahua, dori, tendu leaves, chiraunji for selling and using for themselves, many plants of medicinal value, dry wood for cooking and supporting their houses, clean drinking water from the forest. But now, the Government and Mahan Coal Ltd together are destroying the forest by coal mining. Kripanath wants to save Mahan forest but from the local administration to the ministers, nobody is listening to his complaint. So, he is using Radio Sangharsh platform to spread the word, hoping that whoever is listening to his appeal, will come forward and help save Mahan forest.
You can contact Kripanath Yadav (vil. Amelia, dst. Singrauli) at 9753939429

A song for the heartbroken animals


Wild animals are worried about the epidemic deforestation. Listen to Dasrath Mahto singing (in Kotha language) soulfully about the animals’ sorrow over vanishing forests. Dasrath is from Giridi, Jharkhand.

To know more about contact Dasrath Mahto – 7739486083

138 Farmers successfully farmed on barren land in Bokaro district.


Kaise aakash mein surakh nahi ho sakta, Ek pathar to upar uchalo yaaro – Dushyant Kumar

J.M Rangeela talks about how farmers in Bokaro have made this quote a reality. Farming in Jharkand has always been heavily dependent on monsoon. When the monsoon is good it results in good productivity or else the farmers end up suffering. Organisations like Adarsh Gram Vikas Seva Samiti have been encouraging farmers to invest in crops which requires less amount of water so that they don’t get affected with less rain & can still make money. 138 farmers from 9 panchayats have successfully farmed on lands which have been barren for years & grown crops which requires less water. There have been many such success stories from other farmers as well. Farmers who were successful doing farming on barren land will be rewarded so that it encourages others to start farming as well, said Agriculture co-operative officer Balram. For more details contact J.M. Rangeela – 8877185940

Economic self sufficiency support needed for poverty stricken women workers of Chatra


Raju Rana (District Chatra, Jharkhand) is speaking about the local who collect leaves from the forest to make ‘pattal’ (plates made of leaves). Out of every two days’ hard work, one can make ten bundles of pattals and earn just thirty rupees total.  It is a traditional job (passed on for generations) for many, but now it is more out of compulsion for women who are severely poverty stricken. Raju demands from Govt help for making these poor women economically self sufficient.

Contact Raju for more details – 9835235929

Lives dependent on Mahan forest produce


Pradeep Kumar Vishwakarma (vil. Suhira, dst. Singrauli, Madya Pradesh) doesn’t want to give his forest to the companies at any cost. His livelihood completely depends on forest. He gets mahua, dori, tendu and other important forest produce from the forest and by selling these he earns his livelihood. You can contact Pradeep – 9165789682       

Forest is our King


Chandrashekhar Saket (Vil. Suhira, Dst. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) says that though Mahan Coal trying to destroy and mine Mahaan forest, the people don’t want to give the forest. The forest is like a king for the people, it is feeding them for many centuries, their livelihood and rich source of life. He says that forest degradation will harm the wildlife habitat. He quotes the elephant’s longing:

“Jangal sab kat gaye,
Paani kahan se barse,
Bhar bhar sund nahane ko man tarse”

People are happy in their lives with the king forest which gives them in abundance.They will not let the stones of blasting enter their homes, will never want to let ruin Mahan forest for coal mining.

You can contact Chandrasekhar – 7692877401

Money can’t buy my forest


Kishan Dayal singh (village Amiliya, Madhya Pradesh) tells us about his life, dependent on Mahan forest. Tendu leafs, Mahua fruits, Bela and other forest produce so important for his livelihood – he gets them all from the forest. He reaffirms that at any cost, money can’t buy his forest.

हम आदिवासी एकता अपना बनाये रहे,


A poem by Rajlal (Mahan Sangharsh Samiti)

हम आदिवासी एकता अपना बनाये रहे,
आगे कदम बढ़ाये रहे,
पीछे हाथ कर नहीं जायेंगे,
आगे हाथ बढ़ाये, हरा झंडा लहराया.

Rajlal is from Village Khanuakhas, District Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

You can contact him – 7746931780

Prime Minister, when will you implement Community Forest Rights for us?


Nandlal Shah’s (Village Suhira, Tehsil Singrauli District Singrauli Madhaya Pradesh) livelihood is entirely dependent on Mahan forest. He also emphasizes upon the diversity of animal habitat the forest has. If companies get the permission for coal mining, the whole biodiversity and livelihoods will be destroyed, there will not be any monsoon, the streams will have no water, no medicinal plants will be found and the environment will be damaged. Nandlal requests prime minister Manmohan Singh to stop trashing his forest for coal and ensure the communities’ rights on the forest. He demands investigation and action against the village Sarpanch as he organises Gramsabha without notifying the villagers and forge signatures to grab their lands. The villagers need a transparent Gramsabha to demand their rights to the forest and lands.

You can contact Nandlal – 0 9617003612

Forest Chowkidar won’t let coal mining in Mahan


Forest Chowkidar (for last 12 years) Ramjag Vishwakarma shares how Mahan Coal ltd is forcefully trying to acquire Mahan forest for mining. Ramjag and the people sustains their lives with Mahan forest. The people and members of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti are relentless to save Mahan forest from the hands of company. The company also is numbering the trees in the forest forcefully against the protesters. Tehsildar said to the protestors that Mahan forest belongs to Govt and Forest and they would take the forest from the people by force if needed. Ramjag gets a salary of Rs. 2000 from the forest dpt, and he also expresses his need to get a higher salary for sustaining his family. Interview by Virendra Singh.
Contact Virendra for more detail – 8120487266     

What will happen to our livelihoods, if Mahan forest is taken over for mining?


Chandrakesh Kumar Saket (Village Bandhaura) is speaking about acquisition of land by Mahaan Coal Ltd. He says that the company is taking over villages and surrounding forests of Amelia, Budher, Khanua, Suhira. Bandhora’s forest also is being taken away by Essar, but the village gets left out.
Chandrakesh says if the companies succeed to take over all these forests for mining, what would happen to the people’s livelihood (that is totally dependent on the forests), where will the cattle go for grazing?  He doesn’t want to give Mahan forest to companies.

For more details, contact Chandrakesh- 9584724227

Mahan forest sustains their lives, they live in harmony


Ramji yadav from village Amiliya (Singrauli, M.P) shares his worries because the people dependent on Mahan forest are in danger of displacement because of coal mining. He grazes his cattle in the forest, has his house and a small farm land near the forest. In seasons, he collect tendu and mahua to sell, that gives him the money that his family needs to live. Interviewed by Virendra Singh. For more details on Mahan forest and the situation there, call Virendra at 8120487266     

Patwari sells People’s Lands without their Permission to Company


Women protested against coal mining company’s people when the company’s people came to map people’s agricultural lands in village Budher (Singrauli, M.P) without any prior notice.  Anita Kushwaha (from Budher) with others, told the company people that they won’t let company measure their lands and forests. Shukla (a Company Person) replied, that these lands have been sold by Patwari Rambhajan Saket to company so this land doesn’t belongs to villagers anymore. Anita asks, “how can patwari sell people’s lands without their permission?”

Women told company’s people that they will not allow the company’s people to map their lands in any condition, but company’s people forcefully started mapping. Ramratan’s wife tried to stop them. They even threatened to arrest the women. Deepchand from Amelia asked them, “how can the company work while Code of Conduct applied in this area?’. When the company people answered that for Govt work, code of conduct was not applicable, Deepchand demanded that the patwaari must show his land register & credit book for this village. Conveniently,they told Deepchand that they couldn’t give it because code of conduct was applied in this area.

For further details, please call Anita – 08718939145
Call the District Magistrate M. Selvendran and demand an end to this corruption at – 09425821181

“Prakriti humse naraaz hain…”


V.K Verma from Giridi (Jharkhand) recites a poem on the importance of protecting nature and how our neglect to nature creates disasters and destruction.

प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है

देख कर भी उत्तराखंड जैसी तबाही,
इसका शिकार हुए लोग जब दी गयी इसकी गवाही,
पर फिर बात क्यों नहीं आयी समझ में हमारी,
कि जैसा स्तिथि कल था वो नहीं आज है,
क्योंकि ऐसा लगता है,
जैसे प्रकृति हमसे नाराज़ है,
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है,
क्यों नहीं सोचते है लोग,
इसके समाधान के बारे में,
पता नहीं कैसा हमारा समाज है,
हमें पता है जब,
जैसी स्तिथि कल था वो नहीं आज है,
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज़ है,
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज़ है,
देख रहे है सामने हम भयंकर सूखा,
ये अहसाह तब होगा,
जब पूरा परिवार सोयेगा भूखा,
फिर भी लोग अनजान बने हुए है,
जैसे कोई राग है,
जैसे कोइ राग है,
तनिक भी नहीं सोचते है,
अपने बारे में,
कि कैसा हमारा साम्राज्य है,
और भी पता नहीं क्या हो सकता है
क्या नहीं हो सकता है,
जब प्रकृति ही हमसे नाराज है,
प्रकृति ही हमसे नाराज है,
चलो चल कर प्रकृति को मानाने का प्रयास करें,
उसके दुःख दर्द और गमो का एहसास करें,
हमें पता है जब
कि पेड़ पौधे लगन और उसकी रक्षा करना ही
प्रकृति को मानाने के आगाज है,
पर भी हमें क्यों समझ में नहीं आता
कि जैसी स्तिथि कल था वो नहीं आज है,
चलो चल कर मनाएं
जब हमारी प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है
प्रकृति हमसे नाराज है
इससे आगे मई क्या कहूं
मेरे पास नहीं अल्फाज़ है
नहीं अल्फाज़ है,

Van Bachao Andolan’ in Jharkhand


Because of human’s exploitation of the nature, we are now facing various environmental problem and natural calamities. To keep nature restored, five common men became symbol of change by running a unique awareness campaign, “Van Bachao Andolan”, in district Bokaro, Jharkhand, for the past one and half years. Coming from different professions, these ‘pandavas’, on every Sunday, choosing one village each week, organize an awareness camp, where they make villagers understand the importance of nature & forest, then initiate building a “Van Bachao Committee” in the village to secure the ‘Jal – Jungle – Jameen’. So far, they have reached more than 12 villages.

One of them, Chandramohan Mahto told to Radio Sangharsh that the villagers understand the issue and support them. Wherever they had organised sessions, people stopped cutting trees in the forests. But, this initiative is not getting any support from forest department and district administration.

For more information you can contact J.M. Rangeela (reporting the story) – +91 8002242808
To support Van Bachao Andolan, you can call the DC – Umashankar Prasad Singh -9431160001 and DFO – + 91 9431142829.


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I will not give the forest to companies – Devidayal


Devidayal Saket (Pokhriyatola, Vil. Amelia, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) is fighting for saving the Mahan forest and his livelihood over three year now. He says that he will not give the forest to companies for coal mining. Mahan forest has rich biodiversity with many animals. People live off medicinal plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits from it. They sell tendu, mushroom etc.found in the forest. For more information, call interviewer Virendra Singh (Mahan Sangharsh Samiti) – 8120487266

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Village Patwari Asks for Bribe Again


Katwarulal (village Amelia, MP) is demanding justice against the village patwari (government official who keeps records of land-ownerships and tilling for a sub-division ) Dhiresh Tripathi’s atrocities. He asked for the permit map of his land from the patwari.  An already drunk patwari (5/7/13, near Gadakhad market, Srilal’s house) abused and told Katwarulal to get 4 beer bottles. When declined, the patwari threatened that he would not fulfill Katwarulal’s request of land permit map.

You can call the District Magistrate demanding an action against patwari Dhiresh Tripathi’s corrupt practices. You can also call the patwari and ask him directly, to do his job without exploiting the villagers. Interview by Virendra.

Ask Dhiresh Tripathi (patwari) to stop this now– 09425391096

Notify the District Magistrate, M. Selvendran – 09425821181

To know more on this, call Virendra – 08120487266

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