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Farmers Furor against Land Acquisition Bill in Delhi


Zindabad to the listener of Radio Sangharsh, I am Avinash Chanchal reporting straight from Jantar Mantar in Delhi where farmers are protesting against the Land Acquisition Bill. Farmers believe that this bill will take their livelihood away from them. While opposition along with Anna Hazare, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav is branding changes in the current ordinance as ‘anti-farmer’, the government claims that the new amendments will benefit farmers. The bill was tabled yesterday by the government at Rajya Sabha witnessed furor by the opposition. Farmers intend to spearhead rallies and protest on All India level if the government doesn’t take back this bill. Ekta Parishad will be organizing rally from Jantar Mantar on Thrusday. This struggle is likely to continue with a slogan “Jangal Jameen nahi chodegne, Apni maai maati nahi chodegne.

Villager’s land taken & bulldozed by Company, but no fulfillment of job, plot or compensation promises


Vidya Charan Mishra (Village- Bandhaura, Post karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“Essar has wronged with me! The Company acquired my land (registry no 569-566) in 2008 and bulldozed it.   I didn’t get the job, compensation and plot which were promised to me against my giving away the land. Many times I reported this to the District Magistrate in Public hearings. I also went to the company officials but nobody is listening.
Now the situation is worse and I’m dying hungry. I am reporting this to Radio Sangharsh so that the other people like me get the employment and compensation.”

Call Vidya Charan to know more details about this report – 9575118805
Report this to District Magistrate Raghuraj MR at 07805-234541 and email – help Vidya Charan and many others.


Repeal the Proposed Dilution of FRA



ANITA KUSHWAHA (village Budher, Post – Jamghadi, Thana Sarai, Tehsil Sarai, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh):

“We have been dependent on the jungle since generations. Therefore, the right to the forests first belongs to the people who live here. I have heard that the government is trying to bring in a new law. According to the new law they wish, to set up a coal mine or an commercial industry, it will not be necessary to get the consent of the villagers. If this law is brought in, it is a violation of our fundamental rights as well as the rights of the people living in the forests. I will not obey this law because it will destroy the livelihoods of the people who depend on the forests and we will all be displaced from our homes. So, this law has to be stopped immediately. I appeal to my friends around the country that this law which the government is trying to impose is wrong because the coal reserves of the country will be destroyed completely because of this.”

You can call Anita at 8718939145 for more details.




Diluting FRA is A Violation of Fundamental Rights


JAG NARAYAN SHAH (Amelia village, Thana and Tehsil Mahda, Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh) :

“I am a Mahan Sangharsh Samiti activist. I am an independent citizen of India. I have heard though newspapers and news that the attempt by the government to dilute the Forest Rights Act and not give the Gram Sabha any importance is being discussed. If it happens, it won’t be necessary to enforce forests rights laws and to obtain consent in the Gram Sabha before allocating coal blocks. This is a violation of the rights of all the people in India! The laws guarantee rights under the Constitution to every person because of which the citizens of the country are able to progress. I want to state that since generations for us the source of livelihood are the forests of Mahan, in which the forest produce is non-taxable. The people for whom the forests are a source of livelihood they have the first right to the forests. It would not be right to carry out any activity in the forests without their consent and it would also be a violation of their rights. To interfere with this, would be a violation of people’s rights.
Before the elections, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that good days are here. But it seems from reports in the newspapers that people who live in forest areas, who have their livelihoods there, it seems like their lives are in danger. This is a violation of the rights of Indian citizens. If rights are violated in this manner, then we will fight to save our rights and our livelihoods ourselves and I appeal to the friends listening to Radio Sangharsh, to try hard to save the livelihoods and daily bread of fellow Indian citizens. Thank you!”

You can reach Jag Narayan for more details at 8359899684


MSS is Doing Great Work


BHAGWAN ASHRAY NAMDEO (village Raila, Singrauli)

“The work that Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is doing is laudable and I thank Greenpeace for the guidance they gave prior to that. I am with the movement in Singrauli to save the forest in body, mind and spirit. My wish is for the residents of Singrauli to progress. Singrauli has become a coal center and the government of Shivraj Singh has cheated us because when Singrauli had been made a district, they had assured us that your land will not giveaway your lands in cheap rates. But this time in Surya Bhavan when we questioned them, they said besides the company who will care about your land?
Call Bhagwan for more details 7746871173

Greenpeace is like East India Company manipulating us


Priya Pillai and her puppy followers, can they tell us if they intend to develop the village? And do you know they have spent 20 crores on this campaign, these Greenpeace people! And they know that if they send women to these villages, they will be able to manipulate the simplicity of our villagers. Once the villagers are manipulated, it’s easy to incite violence among them. They have the capacity to break father- son relationships! We are educated people, even are children are well read and wise. Remember when the East India company was doing business in India.  Under the pretext of business, they had colonized our country for 200 years! We were slaves under them.  These people from outside are exactly like them!

I appeal to the mothers and brothers here, this Priya Pillai has never done any good for her own parents , what will she do for our betterment!

Editor’s note:
Priya Pillai, is a senior campaigner working to protect the forests of Mahan, and fighting for the rights of the local communities in Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh, central India.

To attack her and her co workers’ intentions and hard work is extremely derogatory. The above speech is a false accusation, comprising of hate towards activists and NGOs who are working in the region. Additionally, comparing the activists and NGOs to colonial powers is also preposterous. The activists are no foreigners, but conscious citizens of sovereign India who have taken environmental protection and human rights as their passion.

The speech maker also accuses of using women as ‘manipulators’ to create tension among the villagers. This is completely untrue. Local people in Mahan, men and women have stood up for their rights, and putting the blame on female activists is only indicating the heat faced by the local politicians and corporate powers who are trying to fast track the clearance of this forests to establish the coal mine.

Mahan is one of the oldest Sal forests in the world. Companies in Mahan want to mine the forests for coal. The mining will result in felling of 5 lakh tress, which will displace local people who depend on this forest for their livelihood.

Brokers taking Mahan Coal Ltd. CEO Ramakant Tiwari’s name to give life threats to villagers


SETLAL YADAV (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

“Yesterday, Shivprasad Yadav threatened to kill me. Today another one, Bhola Singh stopped me in front of Dasrath Yadav’s house (Lalchand Sahu was present there) and told, ‘Your life is in danger, why didn’t you give your signature to Ramakant Tiwari?’ I told him that’s because I want to save my land and the forest. Yet again, I got death threat from him. I request the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to take this issue to administration and help save the lives of people like me under threat.”

* fyi-1. Ramakant Tiwari – CEO of Mahan Coal Ltd. (MCL)
* fyi-2. Bhola Singh and Shivprasad Yadav are known in the villages as brokers of the ‘company’

Now, call/mail to report this to the District Magistrate M Salvendran and demand an action against people giving threats to the villagers for not giving their lands to MCL. Phone : 09425821181, 07805234541, 07805244110. email :

Villagers boycotted – compensation process without implementation of community forest rights


Jagnaryan Shah (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh).

From 17 July 2014, the Company and Government are jointly distributing notice regarding the Mahua trees in the forest. In the name of this notice, Govt officials – Patwari, RI and Forest Munshi are luring the people. This notice says, ‘you collect produces from Mahua trees which are now under the area allocated to Mahan Coal Ltd. So, we declare xyz number of Mahua trees in your name as compensation.’ Tehsildar had sent this notice to us stating anyone having objections regarding this would need to raise so by 26 July.
So, today being 26th July, 575 villagers gathered at the Community Hall to submit memorandum of their opposition to this notice to the Govt officials. The 575 of us strongly opposed the notice and said, ‘because the Community Forest Rights hasn’t yet been implemented for people in Mahan; we don’t accept any such notices before that!’
I request the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to keep on supporting our fight, take it to different levels and save Mahan forest together.”

Call Jagnarayan at 9009075918 to know more about the public protest against this notice.

Reliance Power caused the displaced live in unlivable conditions in Amlori


Parsuram Baiga shares the pathetic living conditions of the people in displaced village Amlori (Amlori Jharia, dst. Singrauli, MP)! Reliance Power has done injustice to the displaced. While acquiring people’s lands, Reliance said that it would provide people with compensation, employment, plots to stay, all the facilities like water, electricity, connected roads etc. But many days have passed since then and these poor people did not get the things promised to them by the company.
“When we lived in forest,” Parsuram says, “we never ran out of food, the forest took care of our stomachs. But now, after displacement, we’re starving here, with no place to live in.” The company also told that it would provide plots to the minors after 2 years. People from Amlori protested against such unfulfilled commitments at the collector’s office at Waidhan, the collector later accepted the memorandum. If this court doesn’t get justice for Amlori people, they will go to the High court at Jabalpur. He is requesting the RS listeners to help them get the justice as soon as possible.
Some more names of aggrieved people that Parsuram mentioned, are – Manish S/o- Ramdas, Kalamati D/o- Ramadhar, Lalmati D/o- Ramkishun, Ramniwas, Ramlallu, Rajesh S/o- Ramautar, Lakpatia W/o- Sankhu, Sunita D/o- Chhotelal.
To know more about Amlori’s situation, call Parsuram Baiga @ 08962346121
Call the Collector demanding an action on this: Shri M.Selvendran, Phone-0780534541,  07805244110,  Mail

M.P. Government commits to ‘no tree felling in Mahan till October’ in National Green Tribunal


Mahan is one of the oldest and most important forests in Asia. Mahan forest is the source of livelihood of thousands from about 54 villages in and around. But Mahan has been in trouble because of already established power corporations and more who are trying to establish themselves wiping out the forest for coal mining. These companies’ existence and agenda made the local people’s lives difficult in every aspect. From last three years, organisations like Greenpeace and Mahan Sangharsh Samiti have been working to save this forest from these companies. Yesterday the campaign achieved a milestone for now – as M.P. Government ordered not to cut any tree in Mahan till October in The National Green Tribunal Court . A member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti told that though its a temporary good news, but this respite brings new hopes for a continued and stronger struggle to save Mahan forest. – Report by Vivek Goyal, Waidhan-Singrauli. To know more Call Vivek – 7838034539

Villagers are robbed off their forest, warned by cops against protesting!


Raghunath Singh (Vil. Godwani, M.P) is reporting about the destruction of people’s livelihood in his village. The Mahua, Sarai and Tendu trees, the produces of which people earn from and survive on, are being cut by the company. The administration and the government, altogether, are breaking the backbones of the poor people as- when people raise their voice, they warn that the villagers would not get either of the plot or the compensation and also might be jailed. The people have no clue on how to deal with it. People have been living here since ages, they earn from this forest and don’t want to leave it. Apart from trashing the forest, the companies have erected towers on either sides of Raghunath’s house which, 24*7 , produces such loud and irritating noise that people can’t  take the fingers off their ears.
“But”, Raghunath says, “we are still living here and we will continue living here and here only.” He requests the Radio Sangharsh listeners to spread his message to every nook and corner of India. Raghunath is from Mithaura tola of Godwani village, P.O. Karsualal, P.S.- Sarai, Tehsil and district- Singrauli of Madhya Pradesh.

Call the DFO @ 9425793525 and ask an explanation to this threats given to villagers Fax-268617
To know more, Call Raghunath Singh-7771026955

Police stops villagers to attend public protest meeting


Mahendra Sharma (OC of Bandhaura Police station) warned and stopped Kanchan Saket (Village Bandhaura) from attending the public protest in Waidhan. This protest was held to demand freedom of jailed activist Bechanlal and raise voice against questionable role of Police and Administration in Mahan area. Mahendra Sharma (OC) told Kanchan to not attend the protest and that Mahendra would arrange for a Gramsabha to get him an agreement! – Interview by Virendra Singh.
To know more about this threat and false statements from Police, call Virendra at +91 8120487266

NCL acquiring land in Jodhgarh, what’s the compensation?


NCL is acquiring the 74 acre land in village Jodhgarh. Land acquisition officer has already acquired the land. People are suffering because of this. Ramkripal Gurjar (Village Jodhgarh, Thana Barigavan, Tehsil Deosar, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) is appealing for help so that they can stop NCL from displacing the people. He also says that if NCL is acquiring people’s land then they must maintain the transparency, give reasonable compensation and other basic facilities to the people.
Call Mr. Ramkripal Gujjar for more information- 09617878800
Call Upendra Singh Chauhan, Tehsildar, Deosar and demand info on what compensation would the people get from NCL – 07801-28244 / 09630252900

Coal mining and life’s woes in Muher


Santosh Kr. Jaiswal is reporting about people’s distress after displacement for coal mining in  Muher village. Villagers were supposed to get a compensation of 17 lakhs per acre, but what they actually got was just 3 lakh for the same! The rest of the money (14 Lakhs/acre) was vanished and no enquiry has been done for this ever. That’s just a part of the misery. Muher is in Singrauli dst. of Madhya Pradesh. .

The company committed places for displaced villagers to stay. It’s been 5 years since then, people didn’t get any such plot of land and on the other hand mining has already started in the village. “Where will we live now?” Santosh asks. People in Muher farm to earn their livelihoods. But the crops are destroyed by the dust from coal mining. Water scarcity is severe because the mining blasts had sent the water level down. Santosh says, “the forest belongs to us and the companies are making money destroying it. While acquiring the land the company said that it’ll give us employment, but we got nothing! We will die without a place to live. Who will be responsible for our death, Shivraj Singh Chauhan or Indian law?”

Santosh demands an enquiry for both- the compensation and the plot for the poor people. To know more about ground, call Santosh @ 8435647153

Where will people & Animals Live, At Moily’s Bungalow?


Jaiprakash Khushwaha is reporting from Gram Budher, Dist Singrauli. He is talking about how the forests of Mahan has been given clearance by government for Mining to Essar & Hindalco. The forests will be destroyed but the government has not cared enough of the people & wild life of Mahan. While we can manage our food but where we will live,At Moily’s Bungalow? Asks Jaiprakash.
He wants to government to do arrangements for the people & wildlife so that they get shelter & water.
To know more, call Jayprakash – 7389779955

“Veerappa Moily – today’s Dhritarashtra?”


Jayparakash Kushwaha finds similarities between MOEF minister Veerappa moily with Dhritrastra (a mythological character) in Mahabharata. Dhritarashtra, to make his son Duryodhan the king, sacrificed all his subjects in war. Jayprakash says that Moily is the king of the forest and environment and as a king, his duty is to save his kingdom. But this heartless king (instead of protecting) is killing the rich Mahan forest, the wild animals and people by giving permission to Essar for coal mining. Jayprakash is from vil- Budher, post – Jamghadi, tehsil- sarai, dst- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. To know more, contact Jayprakash @ 7389779955

Displaced family in Naguan didn’t get a place to stay from Essar


Abhay tells us about his life after displacement! His family was staying in village Naguan since 1962. Essar Power  surveyed his village in 2007 and acquired his land. Abhay says that his family did not get any compensation like a plot/home, job and other displacement benefits, as was promised to them. Now his family has no place to stay. Abhay and his family visit the company’s office frequently to get what they rightfully deserve, but no one listens to them. To know more, call Abhay Kr. Trivedi @9826080063

Displaced family in Naguan didn’t get a place to stay from Essar


Vinay Kumar Tiwari’s family was staying in village Naguan since 1965 but now they are displaced. Essar Power  surveyed his village in 2007 and acquired land in 2008. Vinay says that he only received 1.5 lakh per acre but did not get any compensation like a plot/home and other displacement benefits, as was promised to them. Now his family has no place to stay. Essar power took their land by luring.  To know more, call Vinay @ 9977658156

42 years of seeking justice – tribal family didn’t get due compensation & job from CCL


JM Rangeela is reporting about the Govt inaction to the injustice inflicted upon many displaced and tribals in Jharkhand. This one questions CCL’s (Central Coalfield Ltd.) policies on displacement and rights. of a tribal family wh questioning on. CCL had acquired 6.44 acre land of Late. Jagah Namdev’s (vil. Etkheda, block. Chandrapur, Bokaro, Jharkhand) in 1972. 42 years have gone by in vain for this tribal family, they still did not get job and compensation! After Jagah’s son, now his grandchildren keep on visiting the CCL office seeking justice. The reporter says that many political biggies live around the place but nobody cares for the downtrodden. These, bring out the irony in the promised protection of tribal rights, that made Jharkhand a state and one tribal a Chief Minister. You can contact JM Rangeela @ 8002242808

Help Anita save Mahan forest & people’s livelihoods from Essar’s violations


Listen to Anita’s urgent call to action for support! Essar power is violating the Forest Rights Act 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 in the Mahan region to take over the forest for mining. Company also bribed the Gramsabha in order to get the lands. People’s lives and livelihoods are in danger because of this! She is demanding immediate implementation of the FRA 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 in her village. Anita appeals to the audience of Radio Sangharsh to help save Mahan forest and the people’s livelihoods. Anita is from Budher village, Singrauli dst. You can reach her @ 8718939145

A song by a villager in protest against companies destroying his livelihood


Kripanath yadav from Amelia, Singrauli sings a song to explain the situation in his village which faces displacement because of coal mining. Listen in. You can reach him via mobile- 9753939429

“एस्सार व हिंडाल्को अभिमानी तोड़ो”

भाई बचा लो जंगल का पानी तभी बच पायेगी जिन्दगानी,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
इस जंगल से महुआ मिलता सब लोगो को ध्यान रहे,
इस जंगल से लकड़ी मिलती जिससे सारा काम रहे,
इस जंगल से हवा मिलता जो जीवन कल्याण करे,
इस जंगल से मिलती औषधि जो रोगों का नाश करे,
इस जंगल से मिलती औषधि जो रोगों का नाश करे,
इस जंगल को ख़तम करत है शाशन और कंपनी छोरो,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
२०१३, ६  मार्च को बुधवार का दिन रहा,
ग्राम अमेलिया में जिला कलक्टर ने बुलवाया ग्राम सभा,
ग्राम सभा में लोगो की संख्या १८४ रही,
तहसीलदार माड़ा के गुप्ता ने समय के अनुकूल बंद किये,
१८४ को छलपूर्वक ११२५ किये,
ग्राम सभा की नक़ल लेने में हुई बड़ी परेशानी छोड़ो,
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी,
ग्राम सभा का कॉपी ले कर महान संघर्ष के लोग चले,
१९ जुलाई को नईदिल्ली में केंद्रीय मंत्री देव मिले,
मीडिया और पत्रकार के सामने मंत्री ने ज्ञापन लिए,
सब सभा के बीच में मंत्री ने लोगों को सम्बोध किये,
होगी सुनवाई अत्याचारों की,
मिटेगी सब परेशानी
तोड़ो एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,
एस्सार व हिंडाल्को का सब मिल कर अभिमानी तोड़ो,

Forest Rights Act & Land Acquisition Act being violated in Singrauli, MP


Virendra Singh from Village Amelia,Tehsil Mada,Dist.- Singrauli,MP is speaking about how Forest Rights Act 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 is being violated in his village. He says Essar Power wants to ruin their forest and livelihood  with the help of government. He is demanding the implementation of Forest Rights Act and land acquisition Act in his village.

For more details contact Virendra Singh - 8120487266

Forest is the foundation of our lives


Bhaiya Bahadur Singh (village Khairahi, dst Singrauli) depends on Mahan forest for his livelihood. This forest is the foundation of life here in Singrauli. People who are poor and don’t have land, get mahua, tendu, wood and other things from forest to sustain their lives. If the forest is destroyed, the people’s lives, the generations of knowledge of living with it, would be ruined.

No home and compensation for the displaced


Ravindra Kumar Gupta (village Karsualal, District Singrauli Madhya Pradesh)  is displaced by Essar power. The company didn’t allot a home yet and he did not get his displacement compensation (all of which were promised to them while their land was taken).  Ravindra appealed to the higher officials many a times, but no one addressed his concerns. Now that the villagers’ land, home, livelihood everything is snatched away by Essar, he demands his right and justice at least in the form of compensation.
You can contact Ravindra – 8889891199

Where do we go?


Ranjit Gupta (Secretary of Reva Visthapit Seva Samiti) from Anpara (District Sonebhadra Uttar Pradesh) talks about the displacement in the region and the situation now. Government acquired the land in 1978 for a thermal power plant. Then, in 2007, Uttar Pradesh Government gave that land to Lanco Power plant for a 1200 mgw power plant. Lanco officially agreed in document with Zila visthapit samiti that, the company would give a permanent job to one person from each family. But till date, not a single displaced person got a job (whereas, people from various other places are brought here as employees in different positions). People gave notice to the District Magistrate and Lanco officials many a times, but there is no positive response.
You can contact Ranjit Gupta – 9161588535
To support the displaced and demand justice, call the – District magistrate – Chandrakant, mobile – 9454417569

and Lanco HR head – N.N Tiwari, mobile – 9628277222.  

LANCO displaced, then cheated the people of Anpara


Gaiman kanaujia (village & Post Jhilbulban, Anpara) talks about the displaced people (by LANCO Anpara Power) and their problems. His family also was displaced. As per the agreement of the villagers with the Govt, LANCO had to give jobs to 50% of the displaced people. But, the Company didn’t give a single job to any of the displaced. People approached the Management many times for their rights, the jobs, but they were delayed and refused, causing a growing anger among the displaced. The youth is without jobs, the families are hungry and helpless. (Anpara, dist. Sonebhadra, Utter Pradesh). Gaiman, on behalf of the other displaced, urges you to build pressure on the LANCO Management, so that the displaced get justice.

You can talk to Gaiman – 09628141516

Mahan forest sustains their lives, they live in harmony


Ramji yadav from village Amiliya (Singrauli, M.P) shares his worries because the people dependent on Mahan forest are in danger of displacement because of coal mining. He grazes his cattle in the forest, has his house and a small farm land near the forest. In seasons, he collect tendu and mahua to sell, that gives him the money that his family needs to live. Interviewed by Virendra Singh. For more details on Mahan forest and the situation there, call Virendra at 8120487266