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I have my land records, but Patwari sold it to the company, via my neighbor!


SUBHAGLAL PANIKA (vil. Amelia, po- karsualal, tehsil Mada, Singrauli)

“I have 38 dismil land registered in my own name. My land was measured and record given to me by the village Patwari – Dhiresh Tripathi. Now I got to know that the Patwari also wrote my land to Pandit (whose land was next to mine). Pandit sold my land to the Company! I have my land record with me.
I want my case to be taken to higher authority.” – interview by Hiramani Singh, citizen journalist

Call Hiramani for more details on this report +917697524846
Call/mail the District Magistrate – Raghuraj M – Phone :  07805234541, 07805244110. email : . Please notify this to him and demand just action on such corrupt practices victimizing the oppressed villagers. Now.

Inaction – a tool for corrupt Govt officials to harass the villagers


KRIPANATH YADAV, Village Amelia, post karsualal, tehsil mada, Dist Singrauli, MP

“On the tenth of June 2014, I applied for demarcation of my land to Dhiresh Kumar Tripathi (local Patwari) and RI officer. They told that they would decide on a date for the demarcation. However, its been more than a month and yet there has been no contact or information from their end about the same.
I request the listeners to report these corrupt officers and ensure that they are brought under the law and strong action taken against them.”

Speak to Kripanath for more details – 09753939429
Report the corrupt officials to  -
Collector & District Magistrate: Shri M. Selvendran- Phone : 09425821181,  07805234541, 07805244110, Email Id :
Civic Center, MP Government, Helpline no- 155343 (toll free)

illegal construction on villager’s land


Bhajandhari Khushwaha (Gram parkhudi,post rajmilan, tehsil – Mada,Dist Singrauli -MP) is reporting on how his 8 acre land that he owns is being used by some individuals for construction that he doesn’t approve of & is illegal. Their names are Ramujagir, Rampat & the local Patwari.
He is got an order from the court & the hearing is on 6th July’14 but these people are not willing to wait. He is requesting the administration to intervene & act on his complaint. You can reach him on 9826786959

To report Call M.Selvendran (IAS),Collector & DM, Phone-07805 (234541), 07805(244110)

Patwari Rambhajan strikes again with what he does best – shady handovers of Tribals’ land to company!


Anita kushwaha from village Budher (Singrauli, M.P) reports against Vyas Ji Jaiswal, Dhajandhari Kushwaha and Rambhajan Saket (Patwari), who (alleged to) have falsely registered and sold some tribal people’s lands to the Company. Anita asks the patwari whether he became a public servant for serving the people or himself? She also says that the government officials don’t do their job properly. Whenever the villagers ask the District Magistrate for Patta (registration) for their own lands, he says that there’s no such order for this. Anita asks, then how can he has orders to give away people’s land to the company? Anita is demanding for justice and inquiry.
For more clarity on the situation, call Anita – 8718939145
Ask for clarification on the injustice from Rambhajan Saket (Patwari) – 9754844522 and Dhajandhari – 9977739715
Demand justice from the District Magistrate – 9425821181

Patwari sells People’s Lands without their Permission to Company


Women protested against coal mining company’s people when the company’s people came to map people’s agricultural lands in village Budher (Singrauli, M.P) without any prior notice.  Anita Kushwaha (from Budher) with others, told the company people that they won’t let company measure their lands and forests. Shukla (a Company Person) replied, that these lands have been sold by Patwari Rambhajan Saket to company so this land doesn’t belongs to villagers anymore. Anita asks, “how can patwari sell people’s lands without their permission?”

Women told company’s people that they will not allow the company’s people to map their lands in any condition, but company’s people forcefully started mapping. Ramratan’s wife tried to stop them. They even threatened to arrest the women. Deepchand from Amelia asked them, “how can the company work while Code of Conduct applied in this area?’. When the company people answered that for Govt work, code of conduct was not applicable, Deepchand demanded that the patwaari must show his land register & credit book for this village. Conveniently,they told Deepchand that they couldn’t give it because code of conduct was applied in this area.

For further details, please call Anita – 08718939145
Call the District Magistrate M. Selvendran and demand an end to this corruption at – 09425821181

The Patwari is not providing land documents – Anita’s appeal to Radio Sangharsh for help


Anita kushwaha (Village Budher, District Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) divided and registered her land 2 years ago. But, the Patwari, still didn’t give her the receipt & documentation of the registration. Whenever Anita asks the Patwari for the documents, he refuses and says he didn’t get any order from higher officials. Anita asks even after 2 years, how long will it take for the Patwari to get the order for providing her the land documents. Anita requests the Radio Sangharsh audience to call the Patwari of her village to give her her own land documents.

For more information on this, you can call Anita- 8718939145
You can support Anita by telling the Patwari to do his job. Patwari – Rambhajan Saket- 9754844522.

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Village Patwari Asks for Bribe Again


Katwarulal (village Amelia, MP) is demanding justice against the village patwari (government official who keeps records of land-ownerships and tilling for a sub-division ) Dhiresh Tripathi’s atrocities. He asked for the permit map of his land from the patwari.  An already drunk patwari (5/7/13, near Gadakhad market, Srilal’s house) abused and told Katwarulal to get 4 beer bottles. When declined, the patwari threatened that he would not fulfill Katwarulal’s request of land permit map.

You can call the District Magistrate demanding an action against patwari Dhiresh Tripathi’s corrupt practices. You can also call the patwari and ask him directly, to do his job without exploiting the villagers. Interview by Virendra.

Ask Dhiresh Tripathi (patwari) to stop this now– 09425391096

Notify the District Magistrate, M. Selvendran – 09425821181

To know more on this, call Virendra – 08120487266

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Corrupt Patwari asks for a Bribe!


An interview with Baldev Singh Khairwar reveals that his village Patwari (government official who keeps records of land-ownerships and tilling for a sub-division), Dhiresh Kr Tripathi asks for a bribe of 8-10 thousand rupees for dividing Baldev Singh’s land with his father. Baldev requests you to notify the collector (District Magistrate) to take an official action against Dhiresh Kumar Tripathi. Baldev Singh is from Amelia village, Singrauli District, Madhya Pradesh.

You can ask Dhiresh Tripathi (patwari) to stop this now– 09425391096

Notify the District Magistrate’s, M. Selvendran – 09425821181

To know more on this, call the interviewer Virendra – 08120487266

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