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Anganwadi – a reality or a hogwash?


Anita Kushwaha (Village Budher, Post Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, District- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh).
I am Anita Kushwaha of Budher village of Singrauli. The Anganwadi system of this village is at complete chaos! Irregularities run free in the Anganwadi distributing system. The appointed workers, Senapati Kushwaha and Bhanmati Kushwaha are not only not performing their assigned duties but also refusing to distribute food items to the villagers. The food and sweets allotted are consumed and used for personal benefits of certain individuals. The whole rationale behind having Anganwadi is to provide primary education to children and basic food and amenities to pregnant ladies. But here, assigned Agnanwadi teachers are illiterate and exploiting children and women. The chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan asserts that every child should receive a compulsory basic education but the existing scenario in my village is just stating the opposite.
Hence, I request the Radio Sangharsh to raise my concern and help us!!

To know more about the issue, Call Anita – 8718939145
Call to SDM Swarochish Somavanshi – 07805 (233225)

Medieval India? Budher’s Sarpanch takes villager’ signatures on blank paper during gramsabha


Anita Kushwaha (Village Budher, Post Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):

“Gramsabha has been organized on 3rd Oct 2014 in my Budher village. But the Sarpanch and Village Secretary did not write anything on proposal letter and they didn’t even inform all the villagers. I asked the Sarpanch and Secretary when’s the date for next GramSabha, yet didn’t get any answer from them.
On that day, I was passing by the village school and found that GramSabha was going on. I asked the secretary, “What’s written in the gramsabha proposal?” He told, “Nothing is written yet, I’ll write once I go home!” I demanded that the proposal must be written in the GramSabha and not in anyone’s home. But as usual, they didn’t tell anything.
After all these, they started taking signatures on a blank paper! I said that I wouldn’t sign on a blank paper.
I request you, the Radio Sangharsh listeners to help solve this problem in our village.”

Call Anita to know more details about this incident- 8718939145
Call Budher’s village secretary Shivshankar Vaish – 9669086654 and ask what was written on the proposal
Notify the District Magistrate- Raghuraj MR about this illegal practices by public servants! Phone - 07805 (234541) , mail –

People’s rights denied? Not anymore!


KRIPANATH YADAV (Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, Singrauli, Madhyapradesh) :

“On 3rd and 4th July, 23 people from Amelia and 13 from Budher attended a workshop on rights implementation in GramSabha. They taught us well, as a result of which, now we are well aware and informed about our rights in the Gram Sabha and Panchayat!
Earlier, ignorant of our rights, we’d not realise when we were being denied our rights during Gram Sabha proceedings. However, now that we are no more ill informed; we’ll insure that all Gram Sabha gatherings take place in their actual official framework.
I urge all women and men in the villages to attend the Gramsabha to pass the just resolution for all of us!”

To know more about the citizen journalist’s s views on the same, call Kripanath at 09753939429

Children are dragged into construction work in Budher, women receive threats!


Anita kushwaha form Budher village (P.S.- Sarai, District- Singrauli) is reporting the atrocities of Vyasjee Jaiswal, a middle man of Mahan Coal Ltd. The company is constructing pillars in the  forest for which it needed laborers from the villagers, but the people denied to work for MCL saying that “our livelihood is wholly dependent on this forest, how can we help someone from snatching it from us?”
MCL had no alternative for labors hence, Vyashjee, drags the minors forcefully from the village to the construction site and coerce them to work. If any woman is found to be alone in house, Vyashjee Jaiswal along with Sitaram Gond, enters the house and they beat & threaten the woman. To know more about the issue, Call Anita : 8718939145
Help the people of Budher by reporting this to :
D Kalyan Chakravarti[Supdt. of Police - Singrauli] Office- 07805 (234601)
Child Labour cell:
Women’s security cell & helpline: 09425841437
National Women’s Commission Complaints Cell:011-23219750
Shri M.Selvendran (IAS),Collector & DM, Phone-07805 (234541), 07805(244110)  Mail

Appeal to the PMO for “acche din” in Mahan


Jagnarayan Shah, a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti with hope of justice from the new government, conveys this message to the Prime Minister, Union Tribal Minister and the Tribal welfare department :
“ I am a resident of Mahaan forest area. The forest is the only source of  livelihood of the people residing here. It gives us Mahua, Tendu, Chironji, wood for cooking and supporting village huts, different herbs, medicines etc. making the villagers self-sufficient and with all the resources required for living. But Essar, Hindalco, Mahan Coal Limited and other corporations are trying to snatch it from the people. Bribed local administrators are thrashing villager’s rights everyday. Here, the Community Forest Rights hasn’t been implemented. Social workers and other villagers who try to protect these people’s rights are thrown to jail on the basis fake cases.
We are fighting non-violently to save our forest and we will keep on fighting for it because if it is wiped deforested, we will lose everything.
I appeal to the new Government to make these companies evacuate the forest so that we could live peacefully, ‘jisse hum sabke acche din baney rahen’. And I don’t only hope but believe it strongly that you (the government), keeping in view- the livelihood of the Mahan people, will make the companies leave Mahan. Zindabad!”

Help to bring Acche Din for Mahan, Call to Mr. Jual Oram ( Minister  Of Tribal Affairs) 23388482(O), 23381499(O),23070577(FAX), 24625800(FAX)
Dr.Rameshwar Oraon Chairperson (National Commission for Scchedule Tribe) 24635721, 2462462(Fax) 09868180394(R) 011-26119495(R)
Tell this to Your Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Radio Sangharsh submits memorandum to District Magistrate


Radio Sangharsh is making its place among the people in Mahan region of Singrauli. Giving a voice to the struggles of the villagers. We, apart from giving a platform to rural problems, also strive to see those solved with the help of the listeners. Last Saturday (31st May’14), we have submitted a memorandum to the District Magistrate – M. Salvendran about (1) reports on water crisis and (2) bribery practices of the Patwaris in Amelia and Budher village. The DM told us that he would look into these matters and work to solve them. Radio Sangharsh team thanks all the people who report crucial problems and share their lives with us.

The dismayed faces of Mahan!


Avinash Chanchal form Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is reporting the dismay of local people. The Tendu season has arrived and people are busy now collecting the tendu leaves. Every evening, these people, after collecting the tendu leaves, go to “Van Samities” and get their leaves counted. This season the people going to collect tendu, are sad and troubled as the Government has given their forest for coal mining. Mahan forest, which is the source of fresh air, water, firewood, medicines, Tendu, Chiraunji and Mahua, will be destroyed if the mining starts. It will also destroy the livelihood of the thousands of the people dependent on the forest.
Mr. Avinash is requesting the Government of India and the Madhya Pradesh administration to stop this from happening and save the lives.
More more details, call Avinash at 08359826363

Public protest demanding arrested activist Bechanlal’s release


Vivek Goyal reporting from Waidhan -  On 19th May, 2014, the people of Mahan Area came together to protest against the continued detention of Bechanlal Shah, a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, and  the increasing police & administration’s heavy-handed treatment of the social workers. The protest was held peacefully in front of the district headquarters of Collector, Singrauli.
This was an aftermath of 7th May when the Bandhaura Police along with the Mada Police, did an illegal raid at the guesthouse of Greenpeace and arrested 4 members of the Mahan Sangharsh Samiti without any clearance. Out of the 4 arrested members, 3 were released on bail, but Bechanlal Shah’s detention continues.
This arrest of the members of the Samiti sowed a seed of angst in the people of this area against the police administration. The Samiti said- “for last 3 months, Police has been delaying to take our FIR against the signature forgery at gram sabha. But when it comes to arrest the activists for protecting forest, cases against us get lodged in no time! This makes it clear that the administration is trying to suppress public voice against the coal miners and the corporate. Member from Adivasi Visthapit Ekta Manch said, “Its ironic how the saviour of people are against them and are trying to protect the corporate industries.”
The people at the protest pledged to protect the forest from these corporates and local administration, so that the earth in future, could be a safe place to live in. For more details call Vivek- 07838034549

70 villagers stopped marking of the trees in Mahan forest


Vivek Goyal reporting from Waidhan. On 5th May, people from the company were marking the trees and their working area in the forest. 70 villagers went to stop this. The police came by then and asked the villagers to let the marking continue. But the villagers told that they would continue resisting because this 2nd stage clearance is given based on 1125 forged signatures in the Gramsabha on 6th March, 2013 (whereas the actual number of villagers present in the Gramsabha was only 184). Villagers say that this 2nd stage clearance is a against the Forest Right Act 2006. Thus, the govt and administration supporting the company is actually a violation of the rights of villagers, tribal and dalits. After a while, the company people and police left their equipments in the forest and went away. Later, the villagers submitted the equipments at Bandhora police station. ‘Sangharsh jaari rahega’
For more updates, call Vivek @ 08966002527

Forceful marking & numbering of the trees in Mahan to cut them


Anita Kushwaha (from Budher vil, Singrauli, MadhyaPradesh) calling to update about the recent activities in Mahan forest. She says that the coal ltd company has been coming to the forest near Budher and forcefully marking and numbering the trees to cut them. Members from Mahan Sangharsh Samiti went to the forest to stop this numbering. But the District Magistrate M. Salvendran communicated to the people that he himself would be present and get the tree cutting started. Anita appeals to you (audience of Radio Sangharsh) to help get this stopped and save Mahan forest! Call Anita for more details @ 08718939145
Call District Magistrate M. Salvendran @ 9425821181 and ask him to stick his commitment,’A Fresh Gramsabha’and stop the trees – marking in Mahan forest.

Patwari of Budher continues asking for bribe


Rambhajan Saket continues exploiting the villagers in Budher. Sudama Yadav doesn’t have a land and he completely depends on forest for his livelihood. But the village Patwari – Rambhajan Saket is asking for a bribe of Rs. 20000 for registering land on his name.
Call the District Magistrate – M. Salvendran @ +91 9425821181 and demand action on this corruption.
Call reporter Vivek for more details on this incident @ +91 8966002527

Forest department officials asking for bribe


Budhlal SIngh Khairwar, a tribal from Budher,Singrauli,MP has been collecting Mahua for generations now. The Mahua collection earns him his livelihood. He reports that the local Beat Guard Dinesh Ratnakar asked Budhlal to pay a certain bribe of Rs 2000 if Budhlal wanted to continue his job. Budhlal had no choice but to pay the Beat Guard with his hard earned money to continue his Mahua collection this season. Budhlal now appeals to the Radio Sangharsh community to spread this report and take action to get him justice.
Call the DFO S.K Singh @ +91 9424793525 and demand action on this corrupt official.
Call Hon.Lokayukt, Mr. Prakash Prabhakar Naolekar – 0755 2540935 and report the corruption FAX- 07552538809 ,  or email-
For more details on Budhlal’s plight, call +91 8966002527

Where will people & Animals Live, At Moily’s Bungalow?


Jaiprakash Khushwaha is reporting from Gram Budher, Dist Singrauli. He is talking about how the forests of Mahan has been given clearance by government for Mining to Essar & Hindalco. The forests will be destroyed but the government has not cared enough of the people & wild life of Mahan. While we can manage our food but where we will live,At Moily’s Bungalow? Asks Jaiprakash.
He wants to government to do arrangements for the people & wildlife so that they get shelter & water.
To know more, call Jayprakash – 7389779955

Tribals in Budher sends a strong message to the Company trying to lure them


Anita Kushwaha reporting from Budher (Singrauli, MP). Company people met the tribal in Budher and told, “we will develop you and will provide the basic facilities”. Company proposed supposedly ‘better livelihood’ options like poultry and goat rearing once the villagers part with their lands!  But the Tribal told them unequivocally, “If you take our forest, where will those cattle graze? We don’t want anything from the company! We are happy with our forest and don’t want to give it to you.”
You can call Anita for more details @ 8718939145

This Govt school teacher has a serious job – getting drunk around the corner & not teaching


Anita Kushwaha is complaining against the ways of the government teacher, Lalman Vaidh. Lalman is a drunkard, doesn’t come to school on time and doesn’t teach properly. He goes to villagers’ houses for drinking liquor, creates nuisance and rampage around. Villagers don’t want him in the school and in Budher. Anita said that since the company had entered the villages, the rate of corruption rose to the highest ever. Nowadays, the government officials are not even concerned about the villager’s problems. Because of this negligence from administration, the level of education goes down. She also asks whether nobody listens to the people of Budher because its a backward village. (Village Budher, Post – Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, District- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

Call Anita for more details on this @ 8718939145

Call the district magistrate M.Salvendran @ 9425821181 to demand Lalman’s removal from the school in Budher

“Tribals have the right to Mahan forest, not the coal mining companies”


Jayparakash from village Budher questions the second stage clearance Of Mahan forest. The tribals are living there for ages. But corporates (Essar & Hindalco) created pressure on government to get the second stage clearance. Government imposed 36 conditions before the clearance; but now without having met those conditions, govt thoughtlessly gave second stage clearance to Mahan. Now where would the wild animal live? Will they live in the house of the Company owner or the minister who gave the clearance? Jayprakash concludes that the forest belongs to the people and animals, not to the company, so,  the villagers would not allow coal mining in Mahan. Jayprakash  Kushwaha is from vil.Budher, dst. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

To know about the on ground situation, contact Jayprakash @ 7389779955

Help Anita save Mahan forest & people’s livelihoods from Essar’s violations


Listen to Anita’s urgent call to action for support! Essar power is violating the Forest Rights Act 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 in the Mahan region to take over the forest for mining. Company also bribed the Gramsabha in order to get the lands. People’s lives and livelihoods are in danger because of this! She is demanding immediate implementation of the FRA 2006 and Land Acquisition Act 2011 in her village. Anita appeals to the audience of Radio Sangharsh to help save Mahan forest and the people’s livelihoods. Anita is from Budher village, Singrauli dst. You can reach her @ 8718939145

Patwari Rambhajan strikes again with what he does best – shady handovers of Tribals’ land to company!


Anita kushwaha from village Budher (Singrauli, M.P) reports against Vyas Ji Jaiswal, Dhajandhari Kushwaha and Rambhajan Saket (Patwari), who (alleged to) have falsely registered and sold some tribal people’s lands to the Company. Anita asks the patwari whether he became a public servant for serving the people or himself? She also says that the government officials don’t do their job properly. Whenever the villagers ask the District Magistrate for Patta (registration) for their own lands, he says that there’s no such order for this. Anita asks, then how can he has orders to give away people’s land to the company? Anita is demanding for justice and inquiry.
For more clarity on the situation, call Anita – 8718939145
Ask for clarification on the injustice from Rambhajan Saket (Patwari) – 9754844522 and Dhajandhari – 9977739715
Demand justice from the District Magistrate – 9425821181

Forests are Vital and Essential!


Life with the Mahan forest is fulfilling, and Ramlalu Singh Kairwar expresses it beautifully. A tribal from Budher village, tehsil sarai, district Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, he talks about how his livelihood is dependent on Mahaan forest. Listen to the excitement with which he shares how he cultivates rice and vegetables on his land and gets tendu leaves, Mahua fruits, Bela and other important things for his life from the forest. Like all other Mahan communities, he is upset and not in favor of coal mining. He is happy and comfortable with no dissatisfaction with his traditional way of living.

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