Suhira village suffers from an irregular and unjust system in the Ration shop


VIRENDRA KR. SINGH (Citizen Journalist) reporting from Dst. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh:

“I’m at Suhira village now. Irregularities run free in the ration shops here! Villagers got the news that ration will be distributed at the village ration shop. Around fifty percent villagers went there to collect their ration quota but the shop didn’t open! Now, around 50-60 villagers are gathered near the house of ration shop owner – Narmada Singh. They are complaining about severe irregularities in ration distribution, opening of ration quota and shop timing. Help the villagers restore their rights by informing the SDM Singrauli.”

Call the following people to report this problem, ask them to make Ration Distribution fair and as per norms!
SDM Singrauli – Ashiish Pathak – 07805233225
Village Secretary – Sureshpati Kushwaha – 09754224438
Call Virendra at 08120487266to know more about this serious issue

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