Reliance Power caused the displaced live in unlivable conditions in Amlori


Parsuram Baiga shares the pathetic living conditions of the people in displaced village Amlori (Amlori Jharia, dst. Singrauli, MP)! Reliance Power has done injustice to the displaced. While acquiring people’s lands, Reliance said that it would provide people with compensation, employment, plots to stay, all the facilities like water, electricity, connected roads etc. But many days have passed since then and these poor people did not get the things promised to them by the company.
“When we lived in forest,” Parsuram says, “we never ran out of food, the forest took care of our stomachs. But now, after displacement, we’re starving here, with no place to live in.” The company also told that it would provide plots to the minors after 2 years. People from Amlori protested against such unfulfilled commitments at the collector’s office at Waidhan, the collector later accepted the memorandum. If this court doesn’t get justice for Amlori people, they will go to the High court at Jabalpur. He is requesting the RS listeners to help them get the justice as soon as possible.
Some more names of aggrieved people that Parsuram mentioned, are – Manish S/o- Ramdas, Kalamati D/o- Ramadhar, Lalmati D/o- Ramkishun, Ramniwas, Ramlallu, Rajesh S/o- Ramautar, Lakpatia W/o- Sankhu, Sunita D/o- Chhotelal.
To know more about Amlori’s situation, call Parsuram Baiga @ 08962346121
Call the Collector demanding an action on this: Shri M.Selvendran, Phone-0780534541,  07805244110,  Mail

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