Public protest demanding arrested activist Bechanlal’s release


Vivek Goyal reporting from Waidhan -  On 19th May, 2014, the people of Mahan Area came together to protest against the continued detention of Bechanlal Shah, a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, and  the increasing police & administration’s heavy-handed treatment of the social workers. The protest was held peacefully in front of the district headquarters of Collector, Singrauli.
This was an aftermath of 7th May when the Bandhaura Police along with the Mada Police, did an illegal raid at the guesthouse of Greenpeace and arrested 4 members of the Mahan Sangharsh Samiti without any clearance. Out of the 4 arrested members, 3 were released on bail, but Bechanlal Shah’s detention continues.
This arrest of the members of the Samiti sowed a seed of angst in the people of this area against the police administration. The Samiti said- “for last 3 months, Police has been delaying to take our FIR against the signature forgery at gram sabha. But when it comes to arrest the activists for protecting forest, cases against us get lodged in no time! This makes it clear that the administration is trying to suppress public voice against the coal miners and the corporate. Member from Adivasi Visthapit Ekta Manch said, “Its ironic how the saviour of people are against them and are trying to protect the corporate industries.”
The people at the protest pledged to protect the forest from these corporates and local administration, so that the earth in future, could be a safe place to live in. For more details call Vivek- 07838034549

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