Patwari Rambhajan strikes again with what he does best – shady handovers of Tribals’ land to company!


Anita kushwaha from village Budher (Singrauli, M.P) reports against Vyas Ji Jaiswal, Dhajandhari Kushwaha and Rambhajan Saket (Patwari), who (alleged to) have falsely registered and sold some tribal people’s lands to the Company. Anita asks the patwari whether he became a public servant for serving the people or himself? She also says that the government officials don’t do their job properly. Whenever the villagers ask the District Magistrate for Patta (registration) for their own lands, he says that there’s no such order for this. Anita asks, then how can he has orders to give away people’s land to the company? Anita is demanding for justice and inquiry.
For more clarity on the situation, call Anita – 8718939145
Ask for clarification on the injustice from Rambhajan Saket (Patwari) – 9754844522 and Dhajandhari – 9977739715
Demand justice from the District Magistrate – 9425821181

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