Patwari destroyed villager’s land documents because he couldn’t pay bribe for registration!


BHOLA PRASAD SHAH (Vil. Suhira, Post. Karsualal, Tehsil. Mada, Dist. Singrauli); Kripanath Yadav (citizen journalist) reporting for Bhola’s:

“Its a complain about corruption against Dhiresh Tripathi – Patwari of my village. I, Bhola Shah,  applied for registration of my land to Dhiresh – Patwari. He had asked me a bribe of Rs. 3000 and when I paid the amount, he asked for 1500 more. I was unable to pay any more bribe. Then Dhiresh asked me to bring all the records of my land and after getting the same, he tore them all. After tearing my land documents, Dheeresh told that he would give me new land registration ‘patta’ within two days. Witness of the incident was Bhagwandas Pandey, s/o Dasrathram Pandit.
16 years passed, till today I didn’t get my land documents back because I could not bribe the Patwari anymore. Every 10-15 days I urge Dhiresh to give my rightful land documents and he keeps on refusing me! Now the Patwari tells me, ‘Do whatever you want to do!’ I request you all to take this poor person’s case to the higher authority for helping me get my land documents and take strong action against such corrupt and criminal officials working in Govt’s Revenue Department.
*I’m old, can’t speak well, on my behalf, Kripanath is reporting my problem.”

Call Bhola/Kripanath to know more detail of this injustice, phone – 09753939429
Call the corrupt Patwari – Dhiresh, tell him that he is doing a legal offence and he must give Bhola’s land documents back, phone – 09752079102
Report this to Deputy Commissioner of MP Revenue Dpt.-  H. B. Sharma, phone -0751-2441240 (office extn 240), 0751- 2441297 (res.)

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