Officer from Union Bank of India is asking for bribe from poor people in Bargawan


Ramkripal Gurjar (resident of Bargawan) was supposed to get Rs. 60000 under Pradhan Mantri Housing Scheme. He received half the total sum (i.e. Rs. 30000) as the first installment and was supposed to get another half after the completion of his house.
After the construction was done, on 25 September 2013, he applied for the 2nd installment with the photos of completed house to his bank- Union Bank of India. Then Debvrat, the field officer of the bank demanded from him a bribe of Rs. 5000 in order to allow the second installment. Ramkripal refused to pay any bribe. As a result, the corrupt officer Debvrat didn’t accept his photos and application for the 2nd installment.
After this incidence, he went many times to the bank but he wasn’t given his second installment. On 1st march 2014 when he went to Debvrat, he said “remove the windows and doors from house only then you will get it.” Ramkripal refused to do this as well and said, “I’ve constructed this house for staying, I’ll not remove windows and doors!”  Also, he did not get the details of his account for nine months, after 9 months when he got the details, he found out that he was charged with an interest of Rs. 5700 of which he has no idea! He says he was tortured mentally, and economically. Ramkripal filed a case to the collector and demands for justice! #unionbankofindia
Call Ramkripal for more details on this @ 9617878800
Call Debvrat, field manager UBI and tell him that we are watching him @ 08226008545
Inform Union bank of India- central office, Mumbai- Toll Free 1800222244, Others 022-25751500, 022 -25719600 , Email :

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