NCL acquiring land in Jodhgarh, what’s the compensation?


NCL is acquiring the 74 acre land in village Jodhgarh. Land acquisition officer has already acquired the land. People are suffering because of this. Ramkripal Gurjar (Village Jodhgarh, Thana Barigavan, Tehsil Deosar, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) is appealing for help so that they can stop NCL from displacing the people. He also says that if NCL is acquiring people’s land then they must maintain the transparency, give reasonable compensation and other basic facilities to the people.
Call Mr. Ramkripal Gujjar for more information- 09617878800
Call Upendra Singh Chauhan, Tehsildar, Deosar and demand info on what compensation would the people get from NCL – 07801-28244 / 09630252900

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