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इंसानियत की सूरत है फटे हाल में

J.M. Rangeela from Bokaro Jharkhand is reciting a poem

उलझ गया है असल नकालों के जाल में,

छुप गया है कुटिया मेरी दलालों के खालों में

बाजार की चकाचोंध लुभावनी लगती है,

भर गया है शहर मेरा विदेशी माल में

शियाशत की आग में सेंक रहे है रोटी

तोंद बढाया अपना अवाम की चौल में

शरताज दिलाया उन्हें हमने मगर

नीतियाँ तय होती हैं उनके ससुराल में,

लूट की दस्तूर कायम है चारों तरफ

इंसानियत की सूरत है फटे हाल में


Call J.M. Rangeela to know more- 8877185940

Victory for Mahan!

My name is Jagnarayan Shah from Village Amelia, Post karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh
Being an active member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti, I feel proud that finally our perseverance and determination has paid off. We have won Mahan!! Our four years of peaceful fight to save the Asia’s oldest Sal forest which is also our livelihood will not be auctioned. Mahan Sangharsh Samiti has celebrated this victory as Democracy Festival along with other civil societies on 30th March 2015. Thousands of villagers came together and celebrated this event and also opposed the Land Acquisition Bill. They ripped the copy of Land acquisition bill and buried it to as a symbol of protest against the bill. MSS will continue its peaceful movement to save forest and livelihood.

To know more about event Call Jagnarayan Shah- 7566904239

No provision of drinking water!!

Greetings to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh, I am Virendra Singh from village Amelia, post Karsulal, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh). It is very disappointing to see that there is no provision of water at the Primary school of Amelia. The existing hand pumps in the school premise are not working from past four days. Considering the rise in temperature, it is very important to get these water hand pumps fix on an urgent basis. Hence, I am requesting the District magistrate to take an appropriate action so that small students do not face the water scarcity in the school. To know more about the issue call Virendra Singh 8120487266

Call District magistrate MR.Raghuraj Rajendran 07805 (234541) and
Call District Education officer Ranmat Singh – 9425927763, 07805- 234716
Call and email to Member of Praliament Riti Pathak-9755653375    email-

MSS Continue to fight for Civil Rights for Mahan

I am Jagnarayan Shah and a member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) Mahan Sangharsh Samiti is fighting for saving the livelihood of people and human rights. On January 2015 Priya Pillai was invited by the British Parliamentarian to talk about her work in Mahan but she was offloaded by government officials at Delhi International airport. On March 12, Delhi High Court quashed the Look Out Circular issued on Priya. High Court also directed the authorities to expunge the Offload stamp from her passport and remove her name from all database.  Judge Rajiv Sakdar pronounced judgement in favor of Priya Pillai and said “you cannot muzzle dissent in a democracy”. Mahan Sangharsh Samiti welcome this judgment. Mahan Sangharsh samiti believe that fight for truth and civil rights can never be defeated. It is a big victory for us and for the people of this country. We are requesting the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to put pressure on the government for save the rights of people of Mahan.

Truth prevails!! Dissent is our right.

I am Kripanath Yadav and a member of Mahan sanghash samiti (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) On January 2015 Priya Pillai was offloaded by the government authorities at Delhi International airport.She was on her way to meet the British Parliamentarians to talk about her work in Mahan. Offloading of Priya was violation of her civil rights. On 12th March 2015 High Court Judge Rajiv Sakdar in the landmark judgment pronounced that Government  cannot muzzle dissent in a democracy and quashed the Look Out Circular issued by the Intelligence Bureau against Priya. We Congratulate and Thank Rajiv Sakdar for his remarkable judgment.

Delay in Road Construction

Greetings to the listners of Radio Sangharsh. I am Akhlesh Kumar Sharma from village Suhira, post karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. Road is not only a necessity but also an important element for the development. One such necessity of road is at ward no 14. With the construction of this road, around 200 household will be benefited. But because of RamSagar Sharma there is so much of delay in the construction. It is very difficult to list our problems with the district administration because of his good connections and relation with the administration we lack to register it even as a complaint. Hence, I request the listeners to provide us support and clear our path.
To know more about issue call Akhlesh at 7581989229
To report the issue call District magistrate Raghuraj Rajendran – 07805-234541 and email-

Greenpeace Big Win for people who “Dare to have a different dream of development”

Greetings to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh.  In the landmark judgement by the Delhi High Court reinstated the faith of its citizens in democracy. Delhi High Court quashed the look out circular issued against the Greenpeace Activist Priya Pillai. The high court also directed the authorities to expunge endorsements made while offloading Priya from a flight to London by immigration officials on January 11. In the judgement court also stated that “you cannot muzzle dissent in a democracy”. The government failed to provide any evidence to substantiate its claim that Priya was working against the national interest. It was argued by the senior advocate Indira Jaisingh, who appeared for Priya that the Look out circular was issued without any authority of law. Jaisingh also said that it was a great day for India. The right to dissent has been raised to the level of constitutional right.

It is a great moment for Greenpeace India, welcoming the court’s decision as a vindication of the group’s legitimacy and validity of its campaigns for the rights of people to their land and forests, for clean energy, a health environment and to hold corporations and the government accountable. Priya said that “we are relieved that the court has cracked down on this undemocratic abuse of power by the government. Big win for people who dare to have a different dream of development which may not coincide with the dream of the government.”

Farmers Furor against Land Acquisition Bill in Delhi

Zindabad to the listener of Radio Sangharsh, I am Avinash Chanchal reporting straight from Jantar Mantar in Delhi where farmers are protesting against the Land Acquisition Bill. Farmers believe that this bill will take their livelihood away from them. While opposition along with Anna Hazare, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav is branding changes in the current ordinance as ‘anti-farmer’, the government claims that the new amendments will benefit farmers. The bill was tabled yesterday by the government at Rajya Sabha witnessed furor by the opposition. Farmers intend to spearhead rallies and protest on All India level if the government doesn’t take back this bill. Ekta Parishad will be organizing rally from Jantar Mantar on Thrusday. This struggle is likely to continue with a slogan “Jangal Jameen nahi chodegne, Apni maai maati nahi chodegne.

People’s Victory for Mahan, Environment Ministry declares Mahan; A NoGo zone for mining

Greeting I am Vivek Goyal and welcome to Radio Sangharsh. There is a good news to the listners, one of the oldest sal forest of Aisa has been in controversy and discussion because of strong opposition from local community against coal mining. According to the Government document acquired by Greenpeace’s RTI the Mahan coal block may not be put on auction as it falls in ‘inviolate forests’. Despite getting the Stage II Forest Clarence mining has not begun in Mahan. This is the third time when the Environment Ministry has told the Coal Ministry to deny permission to mine Mahan.
The decision represents a huge victory for the people of Mahan and Greenpeace. If Mahan is inviolate, it also has implications for other blocks in the region like Chhatrasal and Dongrital. This is people’s victory!!

Save innocent students from Drunken Teachers.

Have you ever heard of School with drunken teachers? If not, then visit Suhira Government School in village suhira in Singrauli, Madhya Pardesh. I have been told by the native villagers that teachers of this government school are drunk when they come for teaching. Sometimes these teachers also drink in the school premise and classrooms too.  Teachers naming Tejisharan, Prajapati, Gulab Singh Gond regularly come to school in drunken state and also doing swindling in the mid day meal. Mid –day meal is suppose to be for school children but often mid day meals are cooked after school timing and when students are gone. This is not only a scam but very unethical on teacher’s part. I would request the District Magistrate to act immediately on this and save the future of those innocent children.

To know more about the issue call Virendra Singh – 8965908155

Call District Magistrate Raghuraj MR – 07805-234541,244110
Call Mr. S.R. Mohanti- Addl.Chief Secretary of School education @ 0755-4251330,2575641 email-

Footsteps of Mahatama Ganadhi

On Mahatama Gandhi’s 67thdeath anniversary, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti paid homage to the great leader. Following the footsteps and philosophy of non violence and sincerity of Mahatma Gandhi, we intend to continue our struggle to save our forest and livelihood. Mahatma Gandhi fought the battle of independence without resorting to any violence and given India its absolute freedom. Similarly, we, the team of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti will follow the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and practice non violence. We believe in “Hamla Chahe jaise hoga, hath hamara nahi uthega”

Greenpeace funds unblocked!! Landmark judgement by the High Court, deems government action as arbitrary, illegal and unconstitutional

Hello to all the listeners  of Radio Sangharsh, I am Vivek. The Delhi High Court on 21st January unblocked the funds that were frozen by the government in June last year. In its judgement High Court deems Ministry of Home Affairs action as arbitrary, illegal and unconstitutional. Samit Aich, Executive Director, Greenpeace India said that this is a vindication of our work and the role that credible NGOs play in support of India’s development. This was a landmark judgement which reinstated the faith in democracy. Greenpeace India fights for Indian values which empowered communities and wish for a healthy living environment for the next generation. Greenpeace India is for the people, by the people and to the people. it is funded and run by Indians and focuses on environmental problems in India. Greenpeace campaigns are in the national interests and have been challenging corporate and political structures. The High Court judgement observed that the NGOs are entitled to have their viewpoint and merely because their views are not in consonance with that of the government’s it does not mean that the NGO is acting against national interest. The High Court landmark judgement proves that the environmental activism is not a crime!!!

Priya Pillai’s story from the being barred from the government

Greetings I am Vivek Goyal, I welcome you to Radio Sangharsh. It seems the whole world is confused about fundamental rights. Democracy is shrinking in India and we saw a great example of it at Delhi international airport on 11 January when the government stopped Greenpeace India senior activist Priya Pillai to fly to London. Let’s listen what Priya says on it.

When I reached the airport, immigration officers stopped me and said you can’t leave country because your name is in the government database. I was going to London because Essar Energy is registered in London. It is same the company which got the second stage clearance for coal mining on basis of forged Gramsabha in Mahan, Madhya Pradesh. I was about to meet members of the parliament in London and talk about these human rights violation. It is a clear violation of human rights especially those who live in Mahan region. I oppose this move. We will continue this fight in any situation, whether the government or any corporate tries to stop us.

So Priya Pillai said it is act of human rights violation. Her passport was stamped with the word “offload” which will be problematic for her in future.

Is Freedom of Speech a crime?

I am Iqbal from Delhi. What happened with Priya Pillai at the Delhi international airport when she was refused to board the London flight is a clear sign violation of fundamental right. This shows that these rights are enshrined in our constitution and has no relevance in practicality. Priya has been raising her voice against the human and forest rights violation led by Essar power plant in Singrauli. Ironically, Government portrays to be working for the betterment of its citizens but parallel is also conceding foreign companies to violate human rights. Freedom of Speech and expression is the essence of democracy and it’s unacceptable when the world’s largest democratic country fails to preserve it. Greenpeace is a global organization working to protect environment and Government must understand that it is not working against the nation. I hope and urge the listeners of Radio Sangharsh to support Priya and Greenpeace.

Government let Human & Forest Right Violation continue in Singrauli

I am Anita Kushwaha from Village Budher, Post Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, District Singraul, Madhya Pradesh.

I am an active member of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti in Singrauli and fighting for saving our forest and livelihood. I have applied for my passport as I have got this opportunity to address my concern of how these foreign companies are violating human rights and establishing and operating power plants. It came as a rude shock when I read how Priya was stopped at the airport. She was traveling to London to raise and address about our woes. This is an effort to muffle our voice and I am determined that I am going to oppose this injustice by using communication tools to raise my voice. This is my request to the listeners of Radio Sangharsh that the time has come to mull over that how can we unite and fight to restore our fundamental rights.

Indian Government crackdown on Green Activist Priya Pillai

I am Jayaprakash (Village Jhalri, Thana Langhadol, Singrauli),The recent crackdown by the Government of India on the Activist Priya Pilliai is a clear violation of the fundamental rights of an individual. Priya is fighting for the rights of country’s tribal community. She is fighting to save Mahan, which is one of the oldest and largest Sal forests in Asia. This move by the government is in favor of the foreign companies not for the local communities dependent on the forest for their livelihoods and the forest which is also home to several rare and endangered species. Essar Power has violated several rules here in Singrauli by acquiring fake signatures, by forging 6th March 2013 Gram Sabha. Essar Power forged the signatures of people who are even dead or in jail. As Priya Pillai has been fighting this battle since 2011 in Mahan, she was invited by the British Parliamentarians to address the issues as Essar is registered in London. She was “Offload” at immigration at Delhi International Airport on 11th January by without giving any legitimate reasons. We oppose this and insist listeners of Radio Sangharsh to help!


Greenpeace employee “Offloaded” at Delhi Airport

Vivek Goyal welcomes you to in Radio Sangharsh, In yet another incident of government clampdown on Greenpeace India, Priya Pillai, Senior Campaigner with the organization was stopped at the New Delhi airport, this morning by the immigration office and denied to get on board her flight to London. Pillai had valid business visa to visit London, where she was scheduled to address British Parliamentarians on 14th January on the rights of forest communities being infringed for coal mining in India. She has been invited by the British MPs to talk about her campaigning with local communities in Mahan, Madhya Pradesh

“I am shocked and saddened that the government has managed yet again to run roughshod over people working to protect democratic rights in the country. I represent the forest community members of Mahan and I was scheduled to tell their story on how the Indian government and Essar, a foreign registered billionaire corporation, are hell bent on trampling their rights and existence that have been guaranteed by none other than the constitution of India. Today my right to freedom of movement has been infringed and there was an attempt to treat me like a criminal”, Pillai commented.

At a time when the whole world is making a strong pitch to safeguard freedom of speech and democratic rights, this action by the world’s largest democracy is problematic”.

Activists cannot be barred from leaving the country, our Mahan story needs to be heard everywhere!

I am Haridayal Singh Gond and an active member of MSS, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti (village Amelia, post karsualal, tehsil – Mada, district- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)

I have applied for a passport but unfortunately it has not been processed. One of my colleagues Priya Pillai, who has been working on the Mahan issue for a while now, was  about to leave for London, UK to address our problems about Mahan forests and coal mining. But Government did not allow her to go and has banned her from leaving the country. In Singrauli, big companies and corporations are trashing the livelihoods of villagers and creating problems for us. She wanted to address these problems but Government does not want people and politicians in other countries to know of our problems.

This is a clear case of human rights violation. In this era of communication revolution we can and we will raise our voice through the internet and will reach out to the world about our issues.

Editor’s note: Barring anybody from leaving the country is a blatant violation of her fundamental rights. Priya Pillai has been campaigning for the rights of the people in Singrauli region, Madhya Pradesh. There was no reason provided by the government as to why she is banned from leaving the country.

Kisan Credit Card Fraud

This is not a new story of Kisan Credit card fraudism. One such victim of Kisan Credit card fraud is Mohan Singh of S/O Lalshah Singh (Village Khadra, Post mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhy Pradesh). He was promised by one broker that the given one lakh rupees will be deposited in his account. But till now the broker has not deposited the money. Regarding this, Mohan Singh has also filed a written complaint in Mada Police station on 29 July 2014. So far the police authorities behavior have been non cooperative and they have also demanded bribe from Mohan Singh. According to him, the bank is also non committal and not cooperating. Each time they are coming with the staged reply that inquiry is on and I will only get the money once the inquiry is done. It’s high time that government should streamline the existing channel and procedure to apply for Kisan Credit Cards to avoid such fraudism. I hope that Radio Sangharsh will help Mohan Singh recovering his money.
Report to Tribal Commissioner Ashish Upadhyay – 9425040333 email-
Report this to District Magistrate Raghuraj MR – 7805 (234541) email-


Demand to open government ration shop

I am Rakesh Kumar Shah from village  Basi Virdaha, Post Karsuaraja, Tehsil Mada, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. Through Radio Sangharsh and om behalf of my fellow village communities I want yo request the State of Madhya Pradesh to open a ration shop at our own village. Currently we have to travel more than 10 kilometers to another village to buy rations. There are many instances when we get late and the shop owner simply denies to give us the ration. It will be a great convenience for us if the ration shop gets open at our village. I hope that Radio Sangharsh will help me.
Report this to District Magistrate Raghuraj MR – 7805 (234541) email-

MSS wishes Happy New Year to Mahan’s saviour

Jagnarayan Shah (Village Amelia, Post Karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) I am an active member of MSS and dependent on Mahan forest for livelihood. MSS is grateful for everyone who has stood up for our cause! And also wish a very Happy New Year 2015 to all the people who have supported our fight for saving Mahan forest and livelihood. People who live far away from the Mahan forest but have shown constant solidarity in several ways. Our livelihood has been saved because of your efforts and honourable Supreme Court’s ultimate decision to deallocate illegal coal blocks. But we are hearing that the government is planning to auction of 76 coal blocks in 2015 .This means our livelihood and the Mahan forest again will be in danger! I appeal to people who have supported us previously, to help us fight for our right again. It’s only because of people power that we have managed to reach this far in our struggle.

To  everyone listening to Radio Sangharsh, I humbly appeal to please spread awareness on the issues related to our land, our forest and our home.

My education, my right!!

I am Deepu Kumar Shah. I am studying at Shaskiya Inter School, Karsualal in Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh. The board examination is just round the corner and I am yet to fill the form and complete my registration for the board examination. The school administration and teachers  registered half of  students (53) as private not as regular board students. I am really concerned about myself and don’t want to waste my year.
Hence, I request the listener of Radio Sangharsh to help!
To know more call Deepu – 7566253784
Call District Education Officer Ranmat Singh – 07805-234716, 9425927763
Call Disttrict Magistrate Raghuraj MR (IAS)- 07805 (234541) email-
Call Eduation minister Paras Jain – 0755- 2550631, 2523175

Not another Bhopal Gas Tragedy!!

I am Kripanath Yadav, an active member and activist of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti. I went to Bhopal on the 30 anniversary of the gruesome 3rd December 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy which left the country paralyses. Even after three decades people are still waiting for the normalcy to return. The tragedy which slayed thousand innocent lives will remain fresh in the heart of the victims and the generation to come. The government talks about bringing development and if development comes at the cost of million lives then one needs to introspect the true meaning of it. Many government came and gone but the victims of the gas tragedy still waiting for the justice. 30 years back, government did the similar promise of generating employment and reviving lives of thousands in Bhopal, which the government is doing for Singrauli now. I don’t want another Bhopal in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. India is bearing the cost of development in the form of deformed kids and a paralyzed generation. Bhopal Gas Tragedy has just remained any other solidarity opportunity for organizations and an error of judgement for the government. I refuse to let any foreign company destroy my pristine forest in Singrauli.  Hence I appeal to my fellow friend not to support any factory without accountability in your area. We have already seen in Bhopal how dangerous they can be. Thank You!!

Bad Roads- a never ending plight!

I am Umesh Kumar Tori from Dhanbad. The plights of bad and beaten roads are not new in our country. One such road is the NH32- the road which connects Dhanbad and Ranchi in Jharkhand. The coal capital of Jharkhand is probably suffering from the worst conditioned roads. The bad roads are causing frequent and regular accidents. The best thing is that the Ministers, Senior Officers regularly take this road but they just don’t care and are absolutely unperturbed by the road condition. It’s difficult to find whether there is a pit on the road or the road in the pit? Despite of the regular allotment of tenders to maintain NH32, unfortunately the condition of the road remains the same and deteriorating further. Dhanbad provides a major chunk of revenue to the state government and despite that it is suffering with the menace of bad roads. It nearly gives me a nightmare when I think of the roads in other districts. I request to all you, call to our district magistrate and help to solve this problem. 03262312401

Call Umesh to know about the bad conditioned NH32 – 9798545001

Anganwadi – a reality or a hogwash?

Anita Kushwaha (Village Budher, Post Jamghadi, Tehsil Sarai, District- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh).
I am Anita Kushwaha of Budher village of Singrauli. The Anganwadi system of this village is at complete chaos! Irregularities run free in the Anganwadi distributing system. The appointed workers, Senapati Kushwaha and Bhanmati Kushwaha are not only not performing their assigned duties but also refusing to distribute food items to the villagers. The food and sweets allotted are consumed and used for personal benefits of certain individuals. The whole rationale behind having Anganwadi is to provide primary education to children and basic food and amenities to pregnant ladies. But here, assigned Agnanwadi teachers are illiterate and exploiting children and women. The chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan asserts that every child should receive a compulsory basic education but the existing scenario in my village is just stating the opposite.
Hence, I request the Radio Sangharsh to raise my concern and help us!!

To know more about the issue, Call Anita – 8718939145
Call to SDM Swarochish Somavanshi – 07805 (233225)

A song, with love – from Mahan

Kamla Singh is singing a folk songs from heartland of India, Singrauli.

To know more about folk song contact Kamla Singh – 8359899684

Mahan Sangharsh Samiti at NAPM, getting stronger!

Kripanath yadav (Village Amelia, Dist- Singaruli, Madhya Pradesh)
I’m a member of Mahan Sangharsh samiti (MSS). MSS is fighting for saving livelihood and human rights, standing against injustice. Not only in Singrauli, but MSS is also working across the country, connected with other people’s movements and organizations. Our struggles have reached international levels now, getting stronger day by day.
Recently MSS participated in NAPM national meet for people’s movement in Pune, Saneji Guru Memorial, from 31 Oct to 2nd Nov 2014.   From MSS – Kripanath, jagnarayan Shah and Akshay Gupta participated in it. We had great interactions, had learned and shared experiences with other Activists from different parts/movements/organizations of India present there. I am requesting to Radio Sangharsh’s Listeners to join us and be a member of MSS to strengthen us further and help solve problems. Our fight with continue!”
Call Kripanath for more details 8435770225 to know more about MSS’s experience at NAPM.

CM Helpline isn’t helping, Santraj says

Santraj Singh (Village Rampa, Post Rajmilan, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)
On 8 Sept 2014, I have filed a complaint on Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister’s CM help line,  and the complaint no was 200933. That didn’t get resolved. So again on 29th Oct 2014, I filed the complaint again and got a new no. 367454. Months passed, they haven’t taken a single action to address my problem.
I ask, then why are people sitting in the CM Helpline when they don’t want to do anything? I am requesting Radio Sangharsh to help me know why no action has been taken yet and about the process so that my problem reported to CM helpline is solved.
You can call Santraj to know more about his complaint 8964867223
CM Helpline Complaint tracking –

What will they choose? Getting neglected by corrupt administration, or settling matters themselves!

Umesh Kumar Shah, Student – Class 8, Saraswati Shishu Mandir (Village Amelia, Post karsualal, Tehsil Mada, Dist Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):
“Greeting, brothers and sisters! I would like to thank you all who, looking for justice, record the problems on Radio Sangharsh and the officers who try to help.
I want to say that the main road of my village is in very bad condition. And our Sarpanch (village head)  Santosh Singh is just a name. Even if he sees people fighting while he’s passing by, he ignores and walks away. If you go to Police station to file complaints, then the police asks for bribe. The people here are unable to bribe. And in that case, police simply send them back with a few words of consolation and advice, even if it is the case of murder or death, the investigations are delayed.
But, if we, the common people are denied justice every time, people will stop depending on justice by law and won’t go to police station anymore. Rather, the people would start settling the matters themselves. So, I request the listeners to help us get justice as we deserve.”
Call Umesh – 8120080491 to know more about the law and order situation in his village.
Report this call to the District Magistrate; Shri Raghuraj MR  – phone – 07805 (234541), email –

I’m dying of hunger, no food from Govt Ration Shops for me

Raghurai (Village &Post Rajmilan,, Tehsil mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh):
“Last two years I have been sick. Having medical treatments didn’t help me and I lost almost everything in the treatment. I went to the Village Sarpanch (head) to make BPL card; but he said that patwari doesn’t make it.  I had one ration card before, but now that’s not accepted anymore!
So here I am, I don’t have a ration card, BPL card, food coupon, nothing! I don’t get even 1 kg wheat 1 ltr kerosene to sustain my life! Is this because I’m poor, that no one listens to me? Now, if i have to live, I have no other option but selling my hut.”
Call Raghurai to know more details about it 8964867223
Call SDM Swarochish Somavanshi – 07805 (233225)                                                                                                                                                                         Call Rajmilan’s Sarpanch Shyama Singh W/O Kishor Singh - 9755089045 and ask why Raghurai doesn’t get any food from Govt Ration Shops and why didn’t he get food coupons or ration card.
Report this to Food and Public Distribution Department – Babulal Dongre- Dist. Supply Officer  07805 234540 email - and Commissioner Dr. Manohar Agnani – 0755 2551479 email-