Mada police station not doing their job, now the SP seems inactive too


Hiramani Singh reporting again against the police’s inaction to public complaints. On 22nd February-  villagers from Amelia filed complaint at Mada police station against the fraud on 1125 signatures in Gramsabha. The Police had told that they would take 10 days for inquiry. But nothing happened in 60 days! Then Hiramani files a memorandum to the S.P – D Chakravarty in April and SP told that he would investigate the proceedings from Mada Police station. Its been 3 weeks since then and he too didn’t get back to the villagers yet.
Heeramani says that if S.P wouldn’t solve people’s problems, he would go to any length, all the courts, to get the law take strong action against the perpetrators of the fraud. He will not leave his forest and land.
Hiramani (Amelia village, Singrauli dst., Madhya Pradesh) urges the readers to build more pressure on the police to act. Call him to know more about the fraud @ +91 8819969406
Call the Superintendent of Police – D. Chakravarty and demand an action @ +919479998880 , to help the victims of this conspired fraud save their lands and Mahan forest!

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