Local MLA in a public meeting. “Why should anyone from outside care about Amelia’


I am from Amelia (located in Singrauli Dist, Madhya Pradesh, Central India) and I am not aware of what is this Save the Amelia. Brothers,  the ad which was in circulation, it was worth 2 crores.  Who will pay 2 crores for an advertisement to save Amelia? I am surprised that someone from other country or outside the village is going to invest 2 crores in an ad to save Amelia.  Ask those foreigners who have funded these ads, have they even bothered to feed people in my village? The collector gave me the info that the ad was sponsored by Greenpeace.
I asked him, who is Greenpeace?!
Then I studied Greenpeace, and concluded that Greenpeace was founded in England, and the owner of Greenpeace is a huge businessman.  The founder of Essar power plant is also from England, but these two businesses have a rivalry among themselves.  And Greenpeace businessman has s resolved, wherever Essar establishes business, they will oppose it because of their personal rivalry. The Greenpeace businessman is very clever; he sits in England, and has registered Greenpeace in India, in Hyderabad.
He is trying to save Amelia, but registered in Hyderabad? Did he not find people from Amelia to save Amelia?
Kerala is known as the state of hunger and poverty in Madhya Pradesh, one of the representatives, Priya Pilla is from there.  These people are fake and vile. They play around with us like puppets. And the people associated with Greenpeace, mainly Priya Pillai, and her affiliated are sold.  They have bought people in the village.

Editor’s note:
Mahan is one of the oldest Sal forests in the world. Companies in Mahan (located in Madhya Pradesh, Central India) want to mine the forests for coal. The mining will result in felling of 5 lakh tress, which will displace local people who depend on this forest for their livelihood.  To accuse activists and NGOs on their intent about destroying these ancient forests is simply absurd.
The rights of the people in Amelia are at risk, and the Mahan forests does not only affect local ecology but is going to contribute to climate change. Deforestation clubbed with carbon emissions from the power plant and peoples’ rights is not just an issue for local people, it is about environmental rights, which are universal in nature

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