Life halted in 3 villages and the Rowdies say, “Go ask Modi, we won’t give you the road!”


Ravindra Singh (from  Raja Tola of  Padri vill., Post, P.S. & tehsil- Madha, District- Singrauli) is again reporting the road related issue that has stopped the lives in the three villages viz. Rajatola, Nado and Betariya. About a month ago, few rowdies of Padri village dug up a 3*7 mts. hole in the main road that connected these villages to the main market (Waidhan- the district headquarter). Ravindra says, “We are facing severe problems because of this inaccessible road – we can’t go to the market, children cannot go to the school, we are unable to take the patients to the hospital and the ambulance cannot reach us either, some pregnant women even died because of lack of medical treatment. All public transport stopped coming to the road, leaving the villages isolated. The local rowdies say- ‘we wont give the road, if you want road, go and ask Modi.”
The people have contacted many media and wrote letters to the D.M. and C.M. but no step has been taken yet. Therefore Ravindra wants to take this one to the government of M.P. and Mr. Modi to help them out of this.

Help the people of Rajatola, Nado and Betariya by reporting this to :
Engineer-in-Chief, M.P. Public Works Department, Bhopal, MP. Ph.- (0755) 2551485 ,
Shri M.Selvendran -Collector & DM, Phone-07805234541, 07805244110  Mail
Interact with P.M.-

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