LANCO displaced, then cheated the people of Anpara


Gaiman kanaujia (village & Post Jhilbulban, Anpara) talks about the displaced people (by LANCO Anpara Power) and their problems. His family also was displaced. As per the agreement of the villagers with the Govt, LANCO had to give jobs to 50% of the displaced people. But, the Company didn’t give a single job to any of the displaced. People approached the Management many times for their rights, the jobs, but they were delayed and refused, causing a growing anger among the displaced. The youth is without jobs, the families are hungry and helpless. (Anpara, dist. Sonebhadra, Utter Pradesh). Gaiman, on behalf of the other displaced, urges you to build pressure on the LANCO Management, so that the displaced get justice.

You can talk to Gaiman – 09628141516

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