Kripanath appeals to you to save Mahan forest


60- 65 villages are dependent on Mahan forest (Madhya Pradesh) for their livelihood. They get forest produces such as mahua, dori, tendu leaves, chiraunji for selling and using for themselves, many plants of medicinal value, dry wood for cooking and supporting their houses, clean drinking water from the forest. But now, the Government and Mahan Coal Ltd together are destroying the forest by coal mining. Kripanath wants to save Mahan forest but from the local administration to the ministers, nobody is listening to his complaint. So, he is using Radio Sangharsh platform to spread the word, hoping that whoever is listening to his appeal, will come forward and help save Mahan forest.
You can contact Kripanath Yadav (vil. Amelia, dst. Singrauli) at 9753939429


  1. Inside Mahan: A Fight For Survival | Global Cultural Observer

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