Impact – Amelia Samiti gets their Tendu leaves’ bonus


Kripanath Yadav (from Amelia vil, Singrauli, MadhyaPradesh) reports an impact of Radio Sangharsh calls. Amelia Samiti didn’t get the Tendu Leaves’ bonus for 2012. They appealed to the Forest Ranger, DFO, Forest Guard, Superintendent etc. but there was no result. Then Kripanath reported this to Radio Sangharsh. After the report, Radio Sangharsh listeners have taken certain initiatives due to which, Kripanath says, in one week’s time Amelia Samiti got their Tendu bonus!
Kripanath thanks you all for this. He concludes that he is a rural citizen journalist and he is armed with a mobile phone. With the phone, he can report people’s problems to Radio Sangharsh that reaches to people outside the village and have chances of getting resolved by pressure from the audience on the stakeholders.

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