How can I take action?


You can push for change!

Take Action Radio Sangharsh

People and communities post their grievances and stories on Radio Sangharsh, and their voices need to be heard! They need your support and sustained efforts in bringing in a change. You can do either or all of the following things to help bring in the required change for their empowerment;

  • Call the Radio Sangharsh number +91 990 291 5604 or listen to the stories below!
  • Take Action! – Call up the concerned authority involved in wrongdoing to demand justice. Every call made to them is a message that their acts are not unnoticed.
  • Post and Repost! – Do you love to write? Help these stories to reach a wider platform. Blog. Tweet. Post on social networking sites and help to bring in more people in their process of change.
  • Help Connect! – Are you a journalist? If yes, then support these citizen journalists by publishing their stories in mainstream media. Do you know a journalist? Help Radio Sangharsh by recommending stories. Every word republished is a strong message to wrong-doers that their deeds are not unnoticed. People’s power has always facilitated the process of change, and you can be a catalyst!

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