Greenpeace funds unblocked!! Landmark judgement by the High Court, deems government action as arbitrary, illegal and unconstitutional


Hello to all the listeners  of Radio Sangharsh, I am Vivek. The Delhi High Court on 21st January unblocked the funds that were frozen by the government in June last year. In its judgement High Court deems Ministry of Home Affairs action as arbitrary, illegal and unconstitutional. Samit Aich, Executive Director, Greenpeace India said that this is a vindication of our work and the role that credible NGOs play in support of India’s development. This was a landmark judgement which reinstated the faith in democracy. Greenpeace India fights for Indian values which empowered communities and wish for a healthy living environment for the next generation. Greenpeace India is for the people, by the people and to the people. it is funded and run by Indians and focuses on environmental problems in India. Greenpeace campaigns are in the national interests and have been challenging corporate and political structures. The High Court judgement observed that the NGOs are entitled to have their viewpoint and merely because their views are not in consonance with that of the government’s it does not mean that the NGO is acting against national interest. The High Court landmark judgement proves that the environmental activism is not a crime!!!

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