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What is Radio Sangharsh?

Radio Sangharsh is a platform where people can call a mobile number and record their grievances, opinions or stories. These voice messages are then broadcasted on the Radio Sangharsh website. Greenpeace plays the role in facilitating the wave of sharing these voices across the India.

How does it work?

Radio Sangharsh’s number +91 990 291 5604 works like a handy recording device for the user. Anyone can call this number and record the message from any mobile phone. Moderators at Greenpeace office screen and post the content in its original format, on Radio Sangharsh’s website.

These voice messages are then available for anyone around the world to listen to, and take action!

How does the communities benefit from it?

Radio Sangharsh aims to empower the communities in Mahan forest with a voice. These communities are protesting against powerful corporations who plan to destroy ancient forests and their homes, only for coal mining. Large tracts of forest are scheduled to be cut down only for coal mining, depriving these communities of their rights. We aim to create a wave of their voices demanding rights.

With this tool, the communities of Mahan will have a chance to share their grievance not only within their community, but also to the concerned authorities, prompting them to take rightful decisions. Their message also reaches out to the larger audience, which is YOU!

This tool aims to bring together communities to interact and unite, giving their grievances and issues a national and global audience.

YOU play the key role to bring the changes for the issues reported, by taking small actions on your own. Please refer to “Are you ready to take action? You can push the change!”

How long will it take to solve the problems?

Only a continued struggle can lead us to change. Radio Sangharsh aims to provide a credible platform for such struggles. Posting the stories online does only half the job; these stories need support and sustained efforts from audiences to push for change in the society we live in.

Is this only about forest and communities?

We have kept this platform open to a range of issues! Anybody can call and share their opinion on any issue. Though this platform has an increased focus on helping the communities for Mahan, Radio Sangharsh is for anyone and everyone to air their grievances, on any issue.

How are the stories screened?

Due to a large number of requests to publish stories, it’s not possible for us to publish all the stories. Radio Sangharsh follows strict internal guidelines which would decide and qualify a story. Stories of social importance that needs immediate attention will be given priority. We have a strong policy against defamatory or personal attacks to any person. Any stories which do not adhere to these rules will not be posted by our moderators.

Is this run by Greenpeace?

This platform is facilitated by Greenpeace, run by the communities and supported by CGNetSwara.

Where do you get the funds from?

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization working towards the protection of environment since 1971. Greenpeace has been, and will always remain an independent organization fighting for the betterment of the environment we live in. Greenpeace has never accepted any donation or support from any corporate, political or government body, and will continue doing so. Only individual donations from people like you have helped us sustain our work across the world.

To support Greenpeace and Radio Sangharsh through a financial contribution, please click here.

Can I call this number from any place and record my message?

Yes, anyone can call this number and record their message. You can report any such pressing stories in your region. Simply call the mobile radio number +91 990 291 5604 and support the people by leaving a message and letting them know that they are not alone in their fight against injustice. Also, you can listen to the stories recorded by others, from anyplace and at any time.

Will I be charged for the call?

No, your call will be automatically disconnected and our computerised call system will return your call.

Can I share these stories?

Yes, we need you to share the stories across communities, friends and social media. Any change needs sustained efforts from people. Sharing these stories serves as a catalyst for change. More people taking action will help the community to get their rights restored, and eventually saving the environment from degradation and exploitation.

Why Mahan?

Greenpeace has been working on the issues of forest rights in Mahan, Singrauli and such other regions in Madhya Pradesh and Central India. Large tracts of forests are scheduled to be cut only for coal mining, which threatens the existence of wildlife present in these forests, along with displacing the tribals and other communities dependent on these forests. Over one million hectares of forests are at risk from coal mining in 13 coal blocks. That’s almost twice the area of India’s top 5 metros combined. Mahan Forest in Singrauli coal block is the epicentre of our fight against dirty coal. If these forests are cut down for dirty coal, the livelihoods of these communities are at stake. Ancient forests are being cut down for an outdated technology which is just a century old. It’s important for the rest of the world to listen to the stories and know the true cost of electricity.

How can I take action?

You can push for change!
People and communities post their grievances and stories on Radio Sangharsh, and their voices need to be heard! They need your support and sustained efforts in bringing in a change. You can do either or all of the following things to help bring in the required change for their empowerment;

  • Call the Radio Sangharsh number +91 990 291 5604 or listen to the stories below!
  • Take Action! – Call up the concerned authority involved in wrongdoing to demand justice. Every call made to them is a message that their acts are not unnoticed.
  • Post and Repost! – Do you love to write? Help these stories to reach a wider platform. Blog. Tweet. Post on social networking sites and help to bring in more people in their process of change.
  • Help Connect! – Are you a journalist? If yes, then support these citizen journalists by publishing their stories in mainstream media. Do you know a journalist? Help Radio Sangharsh by recommending stories. Every word republished is a strong message to wrong-doers that their deeds are not unnoticed. People’s power has always facilitated the process of change, and you can be a catalyst!

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