Forest is our King


Chandrashekhar Saket (Vil. Suhira, Dst. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) says that though Mahan Coal trying to destroy and mine Mahaan forest, the people don’t want to give the forest. The forest is like a king for the people, it is feeding them for many centuries, their livelihood and rich source of life. He says that forest degradation will harm the wildlife habitat. He quotes the elephant’s longing:

“Jangal sab kat gaye,
Paani kahan se barse,
Bhar bhar sund nahane ko man tarse”

People are happy in their lives with the king forest which gives them in abundance.They will not let the stones of blasting enter their homes, will never want to let ruin Mahan forest for coal mining.

You can contact Chandrasekhar – 7692877401

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