Forest department officials asking for bribe


Budhlal SIngh Khairwar, a tribal from Budher,Singrauli,MP has been collecting Mahua for generations now. The Mahua collection earns him his livelihood. He reports that the local Beat Guard Dinesh Ratnakar asked Budhlal to pay a certain bribe of Rs 2000 if Budhlal wanted to continue his job. Budhlal had no choice but to pay the Beat Guard with his hard earned money to continue his Mahua collection this season. Budhlal now appeals to the Radio Sangharsh community to spread this report and take action to get him justice.
Call the DFO S.K Singh @ +91 9424793525 and demand action on this corrupt official.
Call Hon.Lokayukt, Mr. Prakash Prabhakar Naolekar – 0755 2540935 and report the corruption FAX- 07552538809 ,  or email-
For more details on Budhlal’s plight, call +91 8966002527

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