Forest Chowkidar won’t let coal mining in Mahan


Forest Chowkidar (for last 12 years) Ramjag Vishwakarma shares how Mahan Coal ltd is forcefully trying to acquire Mahan forest for mining. Ramjag and the people sustains their lives with Mahan forest. The people and members of Mahan Sangharsh Samiti are relentless to save Mahan forest from the hands of company. The company also is numbering the trees in the forest forcefully against the protesters. Tehsildar said to the protestors that Mahan forest belongs to Govt and Forest and they would take the forest from the people by force if needed. Ramjag gets a salary of Rs. 2000 from the forest dpt, and he also expresses his need to get a higher salary for sustaining his family. Interview by Virendra Singh.
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