Fighting for rights can’t be anti-national!


Kripanath Yadav’s (MSS) reactive on the IB Report 

“ I don’t agree to the recent IB report’s statement that Greenpeace is a threat to national economy. I also refute the allegation and that from foreign countries, Greenpeace pours money on the people in grassroots here to arrange protests! Greenpeace works to save the environment and demand protection of people’s rights – both of which are crucial for the planet. I believe that every village in every country needs a Greenpeace!

Mahan Coal Mines wants to start mining in Amelia village. The joint pressure from local administration, law enforcers and the company are making a mockery of every human rights  and law possible! That’s why Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and Greenpeace are working together for justice. MSS is working peacefully and legally for implementation of Indian Govt’s 2006-07 Forest Rights Act and Community Forest Right in Mahan. Our constitution gives us this right and fighting for rights can’t be anti-national! Zindabad” – Kripanath is from Amelia village, Dst. Singrauli, M.P.

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