Few from Mahan Coal Ltd regularly lures children out of Govt school to watch Tv!!


Some people from Mahan Coal ltd have been taking over the control of the Govt.School of Amelia village for all the wrong reasons! They lure the children out of the class and take them out to some other room to show videos, television etc. Whenever some concerned villagers  opposes this, the MCL people abuse and threaten them. Shivakant, Pratibha, Krishna Sahu are involved in it. This is a serious issue and the reporter demands an end to this immediately, to ensure that the children of the villages do what they are supposed to do in the school – study! A report by Kripanath yadav from Village Amelia, Tehsil mada, District Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.
You can call Kripanath for more details @ 9753939429
Call the District Magistrate M.Salvendran @ 9425821181 to put an end to this!

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