Corruption in Urti – wherever you turn to


Santosh Kumar Jaiswal (Village Urti, Tehsil Waidhan, Dist. Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh), a student, complaining about the corruption at different levels of administration. The Grampanchayat doesn’t care about the village school. There is no electricity in the village but the villagers are receiving electricity bills in their names. Santosh demands that their MLA must do his work right or resign from his post because there is no electricity, road and other basic facilities for the people. People want progress but nothing seems to go right. He says that no public work is done properly in Urti because everybody is corrupt in the Grampanchayat . He also questions the irregularities in CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s compensation policies. Santosh demands strong legal actions against the corrupt officials & ministers.

To know more about the situation in Urti, call Santosh – +918435647153
Ask the MLA (Singrauli) Shri Ram Lallu Vaishya to do things right now- 07805(267384) / +919425176585

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