Code of conduct – 4 villagers can’t be seen together, but company people can roam stacked in cars, harassing villagers!


Kripanath from Amelia expresses his concern about the injustice and power play of the company and police over the villagers. He says that the company (who wants the Mahan forest for mining) has totally influenced the police and through them putting immense pressure of the well being of the villagers. Police says that code of conduct is applicable in the area according to which 4 and more people can’t walk, sit, talk together outside. But, the company people stacked in cars are roaming around freely in the area, harassing the villagers. Kripanth asks for an inquiry from the state/central govt and get justice and equality in practice for all.
For more details from on ground, call Kripanath – 9753939429
Demand an explanation to this inequality from the District Magistrate – M. Selvendran 9425821181
Demand an explanation on how police is supporting this, from the SP – Shri Jaydevan A – 07805 (234601)

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