CM Helpline isn’t helping, Santraj says


Santraj Singh (Village Rampa, Post Rajmilan, Tehsil Mada, Dist- Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)
On 8 Sept 2014, I have filed a complaint on Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister’s CM help line,  and the complaint no was 200933. That didn’t get resolved. So again on 29th Oct 2014, I filed the complaint again and got a new no. 367454. Months passed, they haven’t taken a single action to address my problem.
I ask, then why are people sitting in the CM Helpline when they don’t want to do anything? I am requesting Radio Sangharsh to help me know why no action has been taken yet and about the process so that my problem reported to CM helpline is solved.
You can call Santraj to know more about his complaint 8964867223
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