Cement factories polluting the river Damodar


Kailash Giri speaking from Bokaro (Jharkhand): the river Damodar is badly affected by toxic dumping. DVC, CCL, CCCL, BCCL (and other cement factories) are dumping their waste (oil, grease and harmful chemicals etc.) in the river. Local people have to drink the same water after filtering. This results in many suffering from various diseases in this area. Several times, villagers raised this issue and demanded the companies to stop polluting the river, but nothing happened because of Govt inaction. Kailash Giri is worried about the future.
Help save damodar, for more details, call : Kailash Giri at 9608511810
Ask the Pollution Control Board to take action : phone – 0651-2400894/851/852/902/979/138,
Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board grievance form – http://www.jspcb.org/OnlineGrievanceForm.aspx

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