Call the authority to solve Amelia’s water crisis due to out of order handpumps


Four out of order handpumps are causing people in Amelia and neighboring areas suffer from water scarcity. In this scorching summer, its been one and a half months and no officer from the concerned authority has visited these places to repair the handpumps! Virendra mentions the handpumps near Deeh Baba, Matukklal Yadav’s residence and Budher Chanda among a few more out of order handpumps. Report by – Virendra Kr Singh from Amelia village (Post – Karsualal, Tehsil – Mada, District – Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh)
You, who read this post, imagine not finding any water around and throat drying of thirst, in this summer. Now, please help the people of Amelia get water. Call the Water Resource Dpt. / Collector and ask him to repair the handpumps immediately! More calls going to them, makes them act faster. Access to clean water is a basic human right.

Collector – M. Salvendran -  +91 9425821181
District Coordinator/Executive Engineer – ShayamLal Dhurvey- 8989208570/07805281959
Water Resource Department – R. K Tiwari, executive – +91 9752539221
For more details, call Virendra – +91 8120487266


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