Bribe the Patwari to get land that’s not yours!!…


…and if you don’t, you will lose even what you have rightfully! Listen to Bhaiyalal Panika explaining this from his own bad experience. Bhaiyalal’s father was one among three brothers and had five acre land together which recently went for division. Though legally he should have got 1.6 acre land but he got only 9 dhismil of land. He says that his uncle Samdhari Singh cheated him by bribing Patwari Dheeresh Tripathi to write more land on Samdhari’s name. Now Bhaiyalal is demanding for justice and legal action against Samdhari and Dheeresh Tripathi.
(Village Amelia, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh). Interview by Vivek.
Call the Collector M.Salvendran for action on this @ 09425821181
For more details, call Vivek @ 7838034549

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