Bribe asked from BPL card holders in the name of MukhyaMantri Kanyadaan Yojna


Under the MukhyaMantri Kanyadhan Yojna, BPL card holders are supposed to get financial assistance. Ramvrint Panika, also applied applied for aid for his daughter’s marriage. But the official, Dharmesh (Village Secretary), asked for bribe. Even after paying the bribe, the helpless father – Ramvrint’s application was not submitted. The officials said that the amount (bribe) that Ramvrint had paid was not enough and he need to give more money to submit/pass the application. Ramvrint denied from paying more bribe and his application was not passed.

There are more problem and Village panchayat is not functioning properly. Ravindra Singh says that the District administration should take strong action against them who is involved in this corrupt practices exploiting the villagers living below poverty line. Ravindra Singh from Padari Rajatola is interviewing Mr. Ramvrint Panika.
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